10 ways to be the best player at the Blackjack table

Blackjack is a popular casino game, offering a high degree of entertainment and relaxation. Despite being a game of chance, Blackjack provides an opportunity to play the game lucratively making use of some basic strategies.

The game can be easily learnt, and players have the best odds of beating the house making it popular among them.

Below we explore the different ways of playing more profitably at a Blackjack table.

  1.    Understand the Basics – The goal of the game is to beat the dealer and not to reach the count of 21. All players in the gameplay against the dealer and not amongst themselves. After the players place bets, the dealer dealers out two cards to each player including two to himself. The players can choose to hit, stand, double down, take insurance or surrender based on the situations. They are expected to go through the entire casino site and familiarize with various aspects of the Blackjack game.
  2.    Managing the bankroll – It is expected of players to decide their bankroll and stay hooked to it. Players are recommended to start with a sizeable bankroll that is enough to play for a longer period making a sizeable profit. As players, you should not try to chase losses or losing track of the ways are sure to make you bankrupt. Begin with low bets and spread out your bets carefully.
  3.    Select the right table – Choosing the right table, is also as important as using the right strategy for playing. You need to find a table where you can play head to head against the dealer. Make sure to check out the special table rules if any, before you select one to play. Opting for a table with the lowest minimum bet could allow you to play for a longer time at the tables.
  4.    Stick to the Basic Blackjack strategy – Try and remember the suitable time to hit, split and double down on each of the hands. It has been found that tweaking and adjusting a strategy could guarantee more earnings at the tables.
  5.    Set win and loss limits – You can accumulate impressive amounts playing at a Blackjack table by setting win or loss limits. It is recommendable to quit while on a winning streak rather than losing a significant amount when the luck turns bad.
  6.    Know when to use Insurance – The households a 6% edge over the player in an insurance bet. You will only win your initial bet on hitting a Blackjack, while it is a no win or loses situation if the dealer wins. Players should not choose insurance unless playing with many people. Surrender should not be selected except when you have a 15 against a 10 or while having 16 against a 9, 10 or Ace.
  7.    Stay calm and cool – It is very important that you as a player stay calm and composed during a Blackjack. Do not get distracted at a Live Blackjack table where you can interact with other players. Do not be overwhelmed on a winning streak and start feeling invincible.
  8.    Practice the game – In order to get a hold on the Betting strategy, try practising the Blackjack game at free online sites, before playing for real money at a Blackjack table. The free play allows players to sharpen their Blackjack gaming skills.
  9.    Double Down and Split Pairs – You can place three special bets after you have been dealt the first two cards. With double down, you will be able to double your earlier bet after receiving the first two cards. You will then receive only one additional card.

On receiving a pair on the first two cards, you will be able to split them into two separate hands and play them independent of each other. You will need to place an extra bet, which is equal to your first bet, on the second hand.

10.     Enjoy the Blackjack game – Any gambling activity is all about fun. So, if you are finding yourself stuck in the course of strategies, player and dealer banter and through wins or losses, it is the right time to shake off and start enjoying the gameplay.


Name: 10 ways to be the best player at the Blackjack table
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 15/04/2019