Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid

Blackjack is one of the well-liked table games preferred by the players worldwide. The real excitement of the game lies in beating the dealer with the value 21. Blackjack offers the players with high payouts, thrilling odds and 24/7 action. Many of the players regard Live Blackjack as one of their favourite table games as the gameplay requires logic, which makes it highly challenging and rewarding.

A majority of the online casinos and top mobile casinos offer the players with different variants of Blackjack including Blackjack Party, Blackjack Silver, Blackjack VIP and many more. Besides these, the live casinos also offer live blackjack which can be played on the go, instantly by using a smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

Well, this article helps you to understand some of the mistakes made by the players in the game of blackjack.

Mistake 1: Not checking out the table game rules before playing

Every online casino has its own set of rules, so, before you start playing the game, it is important to read the rules of the game thoroughly and analyse them step by step.

Mistake 2: Playing game without Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM)

A CSM typically holds four or five decks and each round requires a fresh deck of shuffled cards. Unlike other traditional shufflers, the CSM gathers discarded cards from one or more rounds and randomly mixes them without pausing. This keeps the house edge constantly throughout the game rounds.

Please note that with increased hands dealt per hour, the CSM reduces your concentration on observing the cards on the table and it eventually increases your chances of losing. A good blackjack strategy is to play at tables with traditional automatic shufflers, which deal fewer hands hourly, and in a single or double deck game.

Mistake 3: Not thinking lucidly

Blackjack is a game of logic and reasoning. Hence, it solely depends on a strategy and formula which indeed determines your win. The Blackjack game requires a calm mind to establish a winning streak. You should study the pattern of discards and concentrate on card counting.

Mistake 4: Continuing to play when you have to quit

When you start to earn a profit in the few rounds of the game, learn to quit. Most of the players keep on playing, especially when they start losing. They strongly believe that with betting more, they increase their chances of winning. Well, it is not so. Do not fall for greed. Always keep in that the previous results do not determine future hands.

Mistake 5: Not keeping a record of the cards layout

The players who come to the table just to pass time and have some fun fail to pay attention to the number and types of cards on the layout. Most blackjack mistakes arise from an uncaring attitude. For instance, when you take a  note on the proportion of the big cards to the small cards after every shuffle, this certainly allows you to place the bets diligently. The odds are set in the initial rounds, therefore, if you see many faces and aces at this stage, you should not place bigger bets forthwith.

Mistake 6: Indulging in side bets

Although side bets can bring you some good payouts, you can lose more since the edge in the game is high for the house. Since side bets do not cost much as compared to normal odds, you are tempted to keep placing them in spite of losing. By doing this, you eventually end up losing more money on this clever trick adopted by the casinos to increase their profits. So, beware!

Mistake 7: Condemning others your bad luck

When you find yourself taking hits for several bad hands, control your angry outbursts and avoid arguing with the dealer and other players. Instead, focus more on the game. This may be a great time to increase your accuracy by being keen on the cards on the layout. Do remember that the dealer has very little impact on the outcome of the bets you place. Make wise choices from the onset, and, pick the table with favourable rules.

Most of these mistakes can be avoided easily if only you are keen to learn basic strategy and concentrate on the game. If you decide to perfect your skills, you will soon realize that blackjack mistakes can never take place in your game. But even if they do, carefully find out the root cause of your loss and work on improving your hand. Happy playing, guys!


Name: Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 09/02/2019