Brief History of Live Blackjack

Well, many believe that roulette and baccarat are the true basis of casino gambling, but it is not so, it is blackjack which is the ultimate star of the show. Hard to believe? Let us tell you why.

Blackjack was the term which was first mentioned in the collection of short stories written by Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. Similar to that of roulette and baccarat, blackjack has its roots in Europe, which developed over two centuries ago. The true origins of the game are indeed lost in time and there are many theories propagated as to its true origins. Some of the blackjack experts and historians believe that the game originated in Spain, while others believe that the first blackjack games were played in France. While there are also others who believe that blackjack is originally an English game.

It was in 1600 that a game called ‘Veintiuna’ meaning ‘twenty one’ in Spanish became popular in Spain while another game called ‘VIng et Un’ or ‘twenty and one’ was popular in France, so this justifies as to why there is confusion as to the origin of the game. Eventually, the more popular Ving et Un game was brought over by French sailors to the new world which took its hold in port cities like New Orleans. The game travelled up the Mississippi river where riverboat casinos introduced the game to an entirely new audience.

Blackjack got its name when the gambling industry began marketing for ‘Vingt-et-Un’ which means ‘21’ in French. The gaming units offered the players with rewarding bonuses and payouts. On receiving a blackjack, spade or club by the players as their winning hands, they would receive a 10-to-1 bonus. That’s when the name Blackjack struck and was later named as a game.

Online Blackjack: The Dawn of a Brand New Era

With the advancement in technology and the internet, many of the casinos offered online blackjack to all the players worldwide. The online blackjack became extremely popular as the players could engage themselves in the game instantly via their mobile phone, on the go, with just a click of a button.

Today, there are a number of online casinos which offer the players with high-quality and captivating online blackjack games which include 1+3, Perfect Pairs and Super 7’s to name a few. The online casinos also offer the players with progressive jackpots which offer rewarding bonuses and payouts.

Live Blackjack: Real-time Gaming with Live Dealers

The online casino games undoubtedly made gaming easier, instant and convenient offering eye-catching bonuses. It also offered the players with different and innovative variants to try and explore. But despite the convenience of playing from home, many players missed the ambience of playing in a real casino. Of course, card counting became impossible, and some players even suspected that the results of the games determined by the random number generator as they could not trust it to be fair. So in short, despite the perks offered in online gaming, there was still a big demand for real games. This is when the live casino games were introduced with real and professional dealers.

This new approach offered the players with numerous advantages. For beginners, the quality of video streaming was highly improved. In addition to this, numerous cameras were set up, providing multiple views of the game in play, with no hindrance from other fellow players. Also, players were finally able to interact with the dealer, as if in a real casino. Also, the players could see the dealer shuffling the cards, and the introduction of the bet behind option allowed an unlimited number of players to take part in the same game. However, there is one disadvantage to live blackjack games that is the lack of choice of game variants. This means that the players can only play variants with standard rules with real dealers. But the players are sure to find a variety of different table limits, and some game providers also offer a couple of different side bets.


Name: Brief History of Live Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 09/02/2019