Card Counting in Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is one of the most well-liked online casino games by all the avid players across the globe. Blackjack game is also known as ‘Twenty one’ as this plays a very significant role in the game’s objective. In the game of Live Blackjack, it is important for the players to follow a well-grounded strategy and adhere to it throughout the gameplay. Different players adopt different strategies depending on their comfort zones. But observing the patterns and moves while playing Live Blackjack is crucial and of paramount importance.

Although strategies help the players in playing the game efficiently, it is to be noted that the strategies have their own pros and cons and it solely depends on the players to decide which suits them best. However, over the past years, the card counting strategy has been one of the most famous and effective strategies. However, in order to apply the card counting strategy, the players have to be familiar with the basic rules and principles of the game as well as the logic behind it.

Let us dwell deep into the idea of what exactly is card counting and what it actually comprises of.

What is Card Counting?

Card Counting is a technique of predicting whether the next card drawn in the game will be beneficial or not. As the name suggests, card counting follows a very basic principle that is to determine the likelihood of getting a particular card. The card counting strategy is usually used by advanced players as it requires more reasoning and analytical skills. One of the major objectives of the card counting strategy is that it allows the casinos to change their built-in advantage in favour of the players by keeping a regular track of the cards.

Things to Remember while Using the Card Counting Strategy

Before adopting the card counting strategy, the players have to keep the following points in mind. Firstly, the players have to understand the number of decks involved in the game. This is necessary because the strategy’s main principle is based on the probability of what cards might be drawn next. It is also important to note that the players have to be extremely cautious, concentrate and follow every card that is drawn. This doesn’t mean they should remember every single one of them. They should look for the amount of power and weak cards in order to ascertain the ratio between them.

In most cases, the shoe is likely to be rich in power cards, it works well in favour of the players. Another thing to be kept in mind by the players is that before they start practising card counting, it is recommended that they should master the basic strategy first. One of the main reasons as to why card counting needs to be combined with the basic strategy is that if players become perfect card counters, they won’t be able to achieve the desired win if they lack basic knowledge of the game.

Pros and Cons of Card Counting


  • The players can reduce the built in-house edge significantly.
  • Card counting also enables the players to reduce their monetary losses on a large scale as this strategy has the ability to alter their bets in accordance with the remaining cards in the deck.
  • Remember, the belief that card counting can be acquired and learned from people with good mathematical skills is the wrong concept. This strategy can be learned from anyone who has mastered it with a lot of practice and dedication.


  • This strategy requires a very high level of concentration in order to master it.
  • The players should also maintain discipline so that they don’t get distracted by the things happening around them.
  • Many casinos operating around the world do not encourage players who practise the card counting strategy.

Closing Thoughts

Card counting is a popular strategy which allows the players to draw conclusions on the basis of the remaining cards which are placed in the shoe. Well, the only way to achieve the desired result is to know the strategy backwards and forwards and use it throughout the game. Combining both strategies give players a valuable opportunity to win, using their skills, expertise and knowledge.


Name: Card Counting in Live Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 14/02/2019