Casino Backoff in Live Blackjack

The Blackjack game is a classic casino game, that is unparalleled in its popularity among casino gamers both at real and online casinos. The game, which is also known as 21, is quite simple and can be easily learnt.

Blackjack is available in two formats at Online casinos, namely the online Blackjack and the Live Blackjack featuring live dealers. In the former, the Blackjack game is completely dependent on a computer controlled Random Number Generator, which determines the outcomes of the game.

The Live Blackjack is more sought after for the authentic game feel it offers, where the games are played out in a specially set up studio or in a real casino. The live Blackjack games are handled by real dealers and support interaction between the dealers and players through a live chat feature. Advanced HD video streaming is used to relay the gaming action on the internet in real time.

Basic Blackjack rules

  • Blackjack is usually played with one to eight of 52-card standard decks depending on the game variation that is played.
  • The card values are assigned as 1 or 11 for aces, 10 for the face cards Jacks, Kings and Queens, while the other numbered cards count as their printed value.
  • Bets are placed by each player using chips before the deal begins.
  • After a thorough shuffle, the cards are dealt in two rounds in which the players receive two cards face up and the dealer gets a card face up and the second face down.
  • The objective of the game of Blackjack is to beat the dealer by accruing a value close to 21 without exceeding it.

Playing with Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack requires each player to play each hand in the optimum way to be guaranteed of a winning streak, taking into account the value of the dealers up card.

Card counting in Live Blackjack

Card counting is a Blackjack strategy which the players can use to reduce the casino’s house edge by keeping track of the cards drawn and given to both the players and the dealer. This can be used to determine if a hand which will be given out next will be having a possible advantage to the player or the dealer.

Casino Back Off

As the title suggests the casinos use their privilege to regulate gameplay in Live Blackjack by asking certain players at the table not to play anymore at the casino. The players who have been asked to back off may be barred from playing the particular game in their casino or completely banned from playing at a casino. The reasons for asking players to back off could be that the player is using card counting that weighs up their odds of success at the Live Blackjack game.

Many of the casinos providing Live Blackjack game offering consider card counting strategy as illegal and hence tend to ask players to back off who are caught using the strategy.

Players could be restricted from entering a game in the middle because they could have watched the gaming action and started tallying the cards. Alternatively, players caught counting cards may be forced to place a flat bet, or forced to limit their bet, which means that all previous working around could be useless. Hence it is advisable that players do not use unlawful strategies for playing.

Playing without being asked to Back Off

Players can employ skills such as counting without catching the pit bosses attention. That means that the players should avoid increasing their bet by a larger amount as the count becomes high. The other technique is playing at many tables which reduces the possibility of being monitored.

Live Blackjack can be played by applying strategies smartly without getting caught and that is the ultimate way to play safely without being asked to back off.


Name: Casino Backoff in Live Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 15/03/2019