Spoting A Rogue Casino: Take A Glimpse

Spoting A Rogue Casino: Take A Glimpse

Playing online and live casino games like online Blackjack is fun and rewarding. These days gaming software is so sophisticated that Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker pop out right out of your gaming device. High-resolution 3D imagery is mesmerising. With mobile gaming, you can gamble from the comforts of your home.

Spoting A Rogue Casino: Take A Glimpse

Along with the countless positives of gaming online, it also has a dark side. Pirated software is invading cyberspace and unethical operators with big casino bonuses bling are a dime a dozen online. Rogue casinos are becoming more and more audacious in their bid to lure gamblers by deception.

Keep reading to know what is a rogue casino site and how to spot one.

What is a rogue casino?

A rogue casino is one that adopts unfair practices in dealing with their customers. They don’t follow the basic ethics of online gambling, such as transparency, honesty and fair play. These casinos are dangerous because when you gamble with them, you are basically handing over your money to them without the guarantee of being treated fairly and giving your due returns.

You don’t need to dig deep to find out why a casino would cheat their customers. The simple reason is greed. The internet gives a degree of anonymity to rogue casinos and it is difficult to catch someone if they defraud you online.

How to spot a rogue casino

There are several indicators which help determine if the casino is a rogue one. Casino reviews can also help you with this to a great extent. You should check the things listed below before gambling in an online casino.

1. Check the license

Most casinos are licensed and controlled by regulatory bodies, such as the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority. If the casino claims it is licensed by the gambling authority but you are not convinced, head over to the website of the licensing body in question and take a look. All authorities maintain public databases of their license holders so you just have to find the casino’s name. Don’t play games on the casino site if it doesn’t appear to be licensed by the authority.

2. Look for content theft

The content on the casino site must be unique and not copied from other sites. If you spot pictures that feature another casino’s name or text, then you might be looking at content theft. You must always do research before joining any online casino. Some sites copy content from other sites and leave a reference to the original site somewhere. While this does not influence the gambling experience, it speaks about the kind of casino operator. If a casino can’t even make a website with their own content, what makes you think that they will offer fair gameplay?

3. Peruse the terms and conditions

You should never gamble in an online casino before reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. This will help you avoid problems while you play games. Reading T&Cs is important if you suspect the casino is not legitimate. Keep an eye on acquisitive terms as reputed casinos never use blanket terms while advertising. Make sure that there are no unclear wagering rules and the withdrawal timeframes are reasonable.

4. Look for the quality of the website and software

To test the overall condition of the casino site means to look for things like broken pictures, copied logos and domains hosted in unbranded locations. Working of the software speaks much about the casino. The software is the gambling firm’s most valuable investment. If the software isn’t good, the games offered by the casino will be crap too.

You can check whether or not the site features popular graphic design trends. If you can’t visit a site on a smartphone, you might have a rogue site on your hands.

5. Check the customer support

Another major area where you should take a look at is customer support of the casino. Imagine you sign up at an online casino and find that it doesn’t really care about you after registration. One way this manifests is through the response time that its customer support team takes. If a casino takes a day to respond to your query, it’s not worth playing at it.

How to avoid gambling at a rogue casino

With online watchdogs, it is now possible to avoid playing at a rogue casino. There are several online watchdogs who specifically track and lists rogue casinos. Some of them are Casino Advisor, Wizard of Odds and Casino Meister. Sometimes a rogue casino may not make to the blacklist of a watchdog simply because it has not met the parameters set out by the watchdog sites. In such cases, you would still be at risk playing at the casino.

How does online casino bonuses benefit players worldwide

How does online casino bonuses benefit players worldwide

In recent years, online gambling has become very popular among people all around the world. Various online casinos offer original themes and live casino games as well as varying casino bonuses and promotional offers. All of them compete with each other to draw new players to their particular site and retain the existing one.

How does online casino bonuses benefit players worldwide

Keep reading to know why casino bonuses tend to seem a little too good to be true and how you can keep your expectations more realistic.

Bonuses come with wagering requirements

The thing you must know and always keep in mind before choosing a casino bonus is the wagering requirement. It is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you can cash out your winnings. For instance, if you are given a £50 casino bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, you need to spend £500 on casino games before withdrawing the winnings.

Each bonus comes with a wagering requirement to ensure that players don’t make their deposit, withdraw their deposit in addition to the welcome bonus and leave. Some casinos make the withdrawal of funds difficult to limit the bonus seekers. The wagering requirements can be found in the casino terms and conditions, which you should consider reading before depositing money in your casino account.

All casino games have a built-in house edge usually represented by RTP. Fulfilling the wagering requirement means subjecting your bank balance to the house edge repeatedly. Subsequently, the fewer money players have to wager before unlocking the bonus, the less they have to worry about the house edge. Avoid choosing online casinos whose wagering requirement is above 50x as this kind of deal is unfavourable. You can know the experience of previous players about a particular bonus from the casino reviews section.

Limited cashouts

To get the most value for your money, you must look for a casino that offers a cashable bonus with no maximum cash out limits on that bonus. The problem here is that not all casinos offer such type of bonus and you won’t see the term “no maximum cashout” advertised prominently even at online casinos that offer this bonus.

Most casinos have set a limit to the amount you can withdraw from the casino account before having made the initial deposit. For example, if the cashout limit is £1000 and you won £2000 with your no-deposit bonus, you can cashout only £1000. When gambling with real money, you need not worry about such limitations.

Bonuses have expiration dates

When using a casino bonus, it is always wise to act quickly. Keep in mind that deals might expire before you have a chance to use them or cash them out as bonuses have notoriously short expiration dates. If you don’t wager the winnings during the specified time, you’ll lose the bonus amount. Mostly, the expiration date might be just 3 or 7 days from the day you receive the bonus. You must read the terms and conditions carefully before opting for a casino bonus.

Limited options

Bonuses are usually meant for certain casino games. Your options are fairly limited and you might not have time to comfortably experience the full spectre of casino’s capabilities unless you make a deposit. Hence, the bonus might be somewhat useless as you’d need to deposit money if you want to try more games.

A large number of criteria to follow

When something is given out freely, there’s usually a list of things you need to comply with in order to actually get that freebie. The motive behind such limitations is the casino’s necessity to protect themselves from scammers. Besides the aforementioned limitations, the casino bonus might not be available when the deposit is made using certain payment methods or the amount might be limited to certain sums.

Considering all these limitations, it’s wise and essential to always read the full print. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant surprises during the gameplay and get the best out of casino bonuses. However, keep in mind that it may be reasonable sometimes to wager with your own money.

The fascinating history of playing cards

The fascinating history of playing cards

Gambling for centuries has been a recreational activity in the UK. Cards games are very popular among the casino games like live blackjack and mobile blackjack.

 Playing cards and their designs have been around for centuries, but how did it all begin? You must take a look at the exciting history of playing cards.

The fascinating history of playing cards

The origin of playing cards

Gambling dates back to the Paleolithic period (earliest period of human development, lasting until approx 8000 BC). It is believed that gambling was closely confined with the superstitions and myth cultures of the first human civilisations. This later developed into recreation with the origin of the written word.

Playing cards came about much later. It is believed that playing cards may have been invented during the Tang dynasty around the 9th century AD because of the usage of woodblock printing technology. With this technology, members of royalty enjoyed the game and made wagers.

Cards came with characters, icons and instructions on how to play and gamble. The leaf game comprised nine cards where gamblers could stake metal currency to win. Chinese characters depicted the rank of each card and suit in addition to money cards for wagering.

Mass production of cards

The printing press developed in 1440 helped push the popularity of playing cards with mass-produced decks. The cards portrayed devotional images and were printed using wooden stencils. The woodblock printing was replaced by movable metal type.

Gambling was seen as an immoral activity and many laws were enacted that forbade card gambling because of church viewing it as a corrupting vice. The popular French decks came in a variety of sizes. The 52-card deck system including 13 ranks of each suit with a reversible face became standard. It was the first to include an Ace, King, Queen and a Jack.

Playing cards were enjoyed throughout various gambling establishments in many parts of Europe during the mid-16th century. The cards used by King Henry VIII were so popular that they even found their way into notable paintings of the renaissance. European cards were also used in the east and Japan.

Today, the United States Playing Card Company is the largest manufacturer of playing cards. Their product line includes many of the most well-known brands of cards like Bee, Bicycle and Aviator. Casino reviews can provide a vital piece of information about the cards.

Modern card decks

The dimensions of playing cards have changed little since their creation. Playing cards with corner indices were created with the objective of fanning out cards in one hand. The first known instance of mass-produced cards was known as Infirerra from Spain in 1693. The design of these cards eventually became standard by the 1700s. The games of chance appeared in the US by the late 1700s and early 1800s. A print created by Samuel Hart became the most common card design in 1864. It featured cards with both front and back designs, an invention copied from the French card manufacturers. These playing cards featured rounded edges because sharp corners wore out quickly. Until the 1950s, American and British gamblers played with blank decks. Back designs were printed on cards to avoid cheating and to maintain uniformity within a deck.

The joker was introduced to the standard deck and is assumed to have come from a game known as Euchre. In this game, the Jack was known as the “trump” card and the term joker was derived from the word “juker”. The earliest known reference to the joker card can be traced back to American decks used in 1875.

Playing card and casinos

Modern casinos use the standard 52-card deck with four suits for their table games. Online casinos incorporate multiple decks for their casino games. The best online casinos use their own logos and design to manufacture cards. There are hundreds of different types of playing card designs. Each of them has distinctive patterns, features and cover art. Reference to these cards can be found in various books and movies.

The merits of adopting Effective Risk Intelligence in Gambling

The merits of adopting Effective Risk Intelligence in Gambling

Risk intelligence is the ability to estimate probabilities accurately. In online gambling, it is about having the right amount of certainty to make educated guesses. The skill may seem simple but it is quite complex. It turns out to be a deep thing about how to work on the basis of limited information and cope with uncertainty.

The merits of adopting Effective Risk Intelligence in Gambling

The history of risk intelligence

In the 1960s, two American psychologists studied a group of gamblers over a four-year period. The men were avid racetrack enthusiasts. None of them earned their living by wagering but attended races nearly every day to gamble. It was found that some men in the group were remarkably better at estimating the chance that a given horse will win a particular race. This method is known as handicapping.

The psychologists were trying to figure out whether it is a cognitive ability that allowed certain players to gamble successfully or if they had developed the skill to estimate probabilities accurately. This eventually became risk intelligence.

Clearing the test

First, players need a set of predictions. For instance in horse racing, predictions revolve around which one will win the race. The probabilities are listed for varying outcomes: horse X will win and horse Y will place second or horse Y will win and horse X will place second, etc. After that, they are assigned a percentage.

The probability that a horse will win is performed best in percentages in the multiple of ten. After you get the results, the win/loss can be placed in the designated groups. Using the data collected from the previous race, the process is repeated. This method is the basis for creating effective risk intelligence.

How effective risk intelligence helps in gambling

Risk intelligence is a determining factor in estimating the probabilities in gambling. For instance, if a game offers 4:1 odds for a certain outcome, this means that the probability of the outcome is 25%. In simple words, it would not be a smart move to make. However, the chances of winning can be 30-35% and this is known as overlay. If a gambler has good risk intelligence, he will have a greater advantage against the bookmaker and the bettors.

Although bookies have certain advantages over players, they lack expertise. You can use your focus on a single event to build a better model for the game. The software also provides methods to determine risk factors for games like live blackjack, poker, slots, baccarat, mobile blackjack and many more. They can calculate the odds with more efficiency and without running the risk of human error. You can download such tools available for free on the internet. The casino review section can provide you with valuable information about these tools.

Practising to perfection

Practising risk intelligence will make you perfect at it. You will have a much clearer picture of a particular factor that has impacted numerous sports events. At first, you might not bet on your favourite team because their playmaker is injured; but they go on winning 8 times in a row with a substitute. You might then realise that the player is not a big factor as you had thought.

You can win a lot more once you’re able to use risk intelligence effectively. The basic idea of this method is to tell the difference between betting on 85% odds and something that only has a 50% chance of occurring. There are a few percentages that account for huge strokes of bad luck. However, if you can predict fairly accurate, even betting on 80% odds means your wager will be profitable in the long run.

Beware of overconfidence

Overconfidence can be a big obstacle to developing effective risk intelligence. To be successful in gambling, you must follow a strategy and have the knowledge of the game. Intelligent gambling behoves a gambler not to be overly confident in their skills. The odds are never 100% in your favour because of the excess variable involved. However, with effective risk intelligence, any outcome can be in your favour.

Hole carding: Meaning and significance

Hole carding: Meaning and significance

Hole Carding is the act of reading the dealer’s hole card, or the card facing down, to get an advantage in live casino games. Card counting will significantly improve your odds in the game. This strategy is used most widely in the game of Blackjack, where there is only a single hole card.

Hole carding: Meaning and significance

While hole carding isn’t illegal, it’s typically frowned upon and can get you kicked out of the casino that you’re in. If you have the casino reviews, survey the dealers carefully and utilise some basic techniques, you can have spectacular gaming experience.

What is hole carding

Hole carding refers to obtaining knowledge of cards that are supposed to be hidden from view in card counting games. The term is usually applied to Blackjack but can apply to other games with hidden hole cards, like Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. So as long as it does not involve the use of a device like a mirror or actions like touching the dealer’s cards, in most jurisdictions, card counting is a legal form of advantage gambling in casino table games. In other games, like Stud Poker, casinos normally have rules against rubbernecking or having a confederate stand behind an opponent to signal card counting.

Blackjack players must usually make playing decisions based on only seeing one of the dealer’s cards (the upcard). But if the dealer’s hole card is spotted, a player who plays correctly has a theoretical advantage of up to 13% instead of the normal player disadvantage of around 0.5%. A hole-card player will often choose not to make certain plays, such as hitting a hard 19 against a dealer 20, so as not to reveal that he can see the dealer’s hole card

The technique

Card counting in Blackjack refers to using knowledge of the dealer downcard. Theoretically, the gain can be enormous with a score over 10,000. However, the practical gain is limited because:

  • We will not see every downcard.

  • We cannot always play ideally. For example, if the dealer has 20 and you have 19 you cannot win without hitting. But hitting will draw enormous attention.

  • Always betting insurance correctly will also draw attention.

  • Sometimes we will only obtain partial information. For example, the card may or may not have pips near an edge or corner.

How to do it

The first way to start seeing hole cards is to pay attention and start watching for them. Most players never pay enough attention to see a card if the dealer flashes every card dealt.

Most dealers who flashcards don’t do it every time and you can’t see them from every position at the table. Some dealers have a small flaw that you can only see if a card is a face card or not. But even this small amount of information is often enough to gain a small edge.

The best places to sit while trying to see hole cards are directly in front of the dealer or at first or third base, depending on if the dealer is right or left-handed and the dealing procedure of the game.

You need to always keep an eye out for sloppy dealers and sit in different seats to see if you can find the proper angle. It helps if you’re short because the closer your eyes are to the table the better your angle and chance to see a card.

Some players slouch to get closer to the felt and others lean back in their chairs. You need to appear to be acting naturally though so you don’t raise suspicion.

What to do with the information

Once you’ve been able to find a dealer or dealers who flash their hole card you have to determine the best way to use the information. It’s easy to think that you can just use the information in every situation, but this is dangerous. A flashing dealer is quite valuable, so you need to do everything you can to keep them dealing as long as possible.

We don’t mean that you need to try to get them to deal longer shifts, because doing this only raises a red flag for the pit boss and casino. What we mean is that as soon as the casino finds out a dealer is exposing their hole cards they’re instantly going to take action.

The casino is either going to train the dealer to deal properly, eliminating the opportunity to see hole cards or fire the dealer. Neither of these helps you win more casino bonuses in the long run. Because of the desire to keep the dealer employed with poor dealing skills as long as possible. You also have to be careful about how you use the information. If you make plays that are too far off from normal play too often it 

True advantage players look at every possible way to get an edge against the casino. Hole Card counting is just one of the ways to learn, but it offers a powerful edge when you can use it alert the pit and surveillance personnel that something isn’t right.

How Has The Internet Transformed The Game Of Blackjack

How Has The Internet Transformed The Game Of Blackjack

Blackjack is hardly a new game and has remained largely the same ever since its inception. Played at least as far back as World War 1, the classic also known as 21 and pontoon has remained in the public eye due to its ease of play, yet impossible to master foundation.

How Has The Internet Transformed The Game Of Blackjack

The age of the internet is perhaps the biggest game-changer to ever affect online Blackjack, just as it has so many other live casino games such as slots and Roulette. Rather than having to visit physical casinos to play, the digital world has significantly lowered barriers of access and allowed opportunities where few existed before.

The beauty of online Blackjack is that, unlike in land-based casinos, you’re not thrown into the deep end of gambling until you’re ready to swim. Playing online Blackjack on the Internet means playing at your own pace and adjusting to the game gradually if you so desire. To do this, you can avail yourself of free games that allow you to practice all you want without placing even the smallest bet or paying any type of fee at all. This allows you to become familiar with all the rules of Blackjack and to practice your Blackjack strategy.

Influence of internet on blackjack

They are more accessible

The advantage of playing flash Blackjack games is that they are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, so you won’t feel tied to any one particular computer when you want to play Blackjack online. Nonetheless, most online Blackjack players find that it usually pays to download the online Blackjack games.

Online variants of Blackjack avoid concerns of travel completely, making it a much better fit for modern, busy lifestyles. This is combined with the flexibility of access allowed by internet technology. Mobile devices able to access Wi-Fi or mobile data mean players can engage not just at home, but anywhere with a connection.

More players at a time

Among the most significant changes brought by the internet is the enormous widening of the player demographic. While the original style of Blackjack has always had appeal, the requirement of visiting a physical casino meant that it was untenable for many and impossible for some.

Payment flexibility

Everyone is a little nervous at first about actually getting paid when they play and win at Blackjack on the Internet. There are many ways to pay and get paid when you’re playing Blackjack online like using the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Again, you have to find the one that suits you best.

More features

Further adding to the modern appeal are the possibilities made manifest through the host software systems. While playing a physical card game comes with certain limitations, the adoption of software elements means that the real limitations can be mitigated or avoided entirely. This means that new themes and styles of games can be developed in ways that were never before possible, giving players old and new ways to experience twists on familiar classics.

In effect, these combine the live dealer experience of traditional Blackjack with the convenience of at-home play. New users wondering how and where to play Live Blackjack can jump in quickly by checking some of the many popular online websites. These offer typical online casino advantages such as welcome casino bonuses and the easy discovery of lower and upper limits among other key features.

Easy casino review

Support? Payments? Graphics? If you still don’t know how to go about finding a good Internet Blackjack casino, you can always rely on the kindness of strangers — message boards are a great source of advice and information. Many sites rank and rate online casinos, but fellow gamblers offer the most honest and reliable opinions about whether a particular online casino should get the thumbs up or thumbs down. Find a message board that’s easy to navigate, register (if you want to ask a question), and see what other players have to say about where to play blackjack on the Internet.

Wide spectatorship

The final major change that the internet has made to Blackjack comes from the spectator side of the equation. While watching physical Blackjack has never really been possible on a mass scale, the development and proliferation of streaming has allowed the world to watch from like likes of Twitch and YouTube.

Always play with a plan

Whether it is in online Blackjack or a ground bases one plan is the king. Finally, much of the advice that one should heed when playing Blackjack on the Internet is the same advice that is given regarding land-based gambling. Money management is just as important in online Blackjack as it is in casino Blackjack, if not more. Don’t play by the seat of your pants — have a plan and a budget. Decide beforehand when to stop (when you reach your high goal or when you bottom out). Greed is greed and it doesn’t play out any differently online than on land.

Popular Classical Music featuring gambling: A comprehensive list


It seems a little bit strange to hear classical music in casinos yet there are many classical musicians. They are either gamblers themselves or use gambling as an inspiration to make their work. Music, themes, casino bonuses, casino review and graphics of online casino games are some of the features that influence gamblers.

The combo of soothing classical music gives peace to one’s mind and online gambling keeps the thought process of our mind always busy seems to be a mismatch. In spite of that, there are several classical compositions, which got their motivation from gambling.

 Let’s have an ear for some soothing rhythms of gambling.


The gambler opera –Sergei Prokofiev

It was an opera split into four acts with classical music for gamers. The story was written between November 1915 and April 1916. The opera had its first performance in 1929. 

The passion for the game has been depicted in this composition. It was composed by Prokofiev based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Set in a fictional spa town in Germany, the opera tells a complicated story of greed, obsessions, euphoric wins, and devastating losses at the casino.

In 1931, Prokofiev produced an orchestral suite – Four Portraits and a Dénouement from ‘The Gambler’, op. 49 based on the material from this opera. The opera is based on gambling wins and losses wrapped with a story of true love.

The queen of spades- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a classical music genius who had composed a lot many operatic sections that were based on numerous topics. This opera, however, is about the bad luck involved in unfortunate situations of gambling. This is another opera split into three acts with its premiere taking place back in 1890. The lead character sings in all seven scenes including classical music for gaming enthusiasts. Again this is a story based on love and bad luck in gambling. StillThe gamblers –D.Shostakovich, there are many online casino articles where one can easily find violinist and composer who had been a part of that time when gambling began.

The story is an altered plot of Alexander Pushkin’s original short story of the same name. Tchaikovsky worked together with his brother, Modest Tchaikovsky to produce the libretto. This opera is considered as one of Tchaikovsky’s most ambitious and impressive works.

The gamblers –D.Shostakovich

The Gamblers by Shostakovich is an incomplete opera with only one surviving act. The story was based on a play by Nikolai Gogol. Shostakovich abandoned the work as he finds it too long because the libretto was a word-for-word copy of the play. Krzysztof Meyer, a polish composer, later completed the opera using his music for the remaining part. The Gambler is a story about card-sharps trying to beat each other in cheating. The action is set in a room in a small Russian town.

Casino paradise –W.BolcomJeu de cartes – Stravinsky

The name is also synonymous with ‘The Card Game’. This artistic excellent piece was composed by Stravinsky, who ironically had never been a gambler! This Russian ballad incorporates characters that depict the face value cards such as Joker, Queen, and Aces and so on. The scenes, renamed as ‘deals’ end when the Jokers straight flush is challenged by a royal flush.

This work is an example of Stravinsky’s Neoclassicism, a movement which seeks to return to the aesthetics of the 18th century that emphasises clarity and balance, and also as a reaction against the music of late Romanticism.

Casino paradise –W.Bolcom

Casino Paradise is a musical theatre composed by William Bolcom with the lyrics by Arnold Weinstein. It was premiered at the Philadelphia’s American Music Theatre Festival in 1990.

As the name says, this is an amalgamation of all the beautiful tracks that went along with the scenes depicted and was mostly serene. The music had the power to capture the minds of the audience and to this date, has remained significant in the music and casino gaming industry as well.

The two-act opera tells a dark comedy about the conflicts, relationships, and encounters of a casino tycoon and his son. Bolcom’s musical style in this work was wide-ranging, incorporating jazz, rap, blues, and other dance genres. Weinstein’s lyrics, on the other hand, were witty and entertaining.

Apart from all these composers, history also mentions the role of some of the most influentibal classical players like Wolfgang Mozart, Gioachino Rossini, Paganini, etc. have been influential in composing music, while being gamblers as well.

Today, online gambling has become so diverse and caters to the needs of people across the world. There have been a lot many live casino games that incorporate amazing sound profiles coming from different cultural themes. 

5 World’s Oldest Casinos: A must visit

5 World's Oldest Casinos: A must visit

When you think of a Casino, you may get some images of its mega-resorts, bright lights, casino bonuses and dancing girls, it’s hard to think of anything else. The first casino was built in Europe. To be more precise, Venice in Italy is where the Casinò di Venezia is and it originally opened its doors to the people of ‘The Floating City’ in 1638.5 World’s Oldest Casinos: A must visit

Even though most people play online live casino games due to their convenience, visiting a specific casino or city is on the wish lists of many. How cool would it be to play at one of the most historic casinos of all-time? Let’s take a look at some of the world’s oldest casinos.

5 World's Oldest Casinos: A must visit


Casinò di Venezia is one of the oldest casinos in the world. Although it is no longer in its original location, the casino has been housed at the beautiful palace, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi since the 1950s. Situated on the Grand Canal, visitors must access the Renaissance-style building by gondola. The three-floored casinos whose table games are fairly extensive with both European and American Roulette offered, as well as two forms of Baccarat.

The building that the casino now occupies is also the final resting place of composer Richard Wagner. It might have a long-standing legacy, but you won’t find anything stuffy about the casino itself. It’s packed with just as much cool lighting and modern décor as it is with historical elegance. There’s an onsite restaurant and you can even get a free water taxi ride to the door of the casino. This is the most attractive reason to visit Venice.

CASINO DE SPA, Belgium (1763)

The Casino de Spa has undergone several transformations over the years – most notably, in 1918 when it was rebuilt following a fire. The city of Spa used to be frequently visited by European royalty and noblemen, with the casino an obvious draw. Yet, there’s nothing old-fashioned about this casino with 152 slot machines, as well as table games and even bingo games. The casino also hosts regular tournaments.

Casino de Spa raises a questionable claim that it’s the world’s oldest casino and not behind in casino reviews. Run by the Circus Casino Spa Group since the early 2000s, Casino de Spa is still a vibrant place to spend an evening with lady luck even after hundreds of years. There are some slightly more modern offerings than you might have found at the casino a few centuries ago today of course, including slots. Here also tournaments are hosted regularly.


The Grand Casino, which is also known as the Casino de Monte Carlo has been around for over 150 years. Not only is the Grand Casino one of the oldest in the world, but it’s also one of the most prestigious. Expect to find all the usual table games and Slots, even Craps. The casino’s founder François Blanc is also famous for introducing the single zero Roulette wheel and he was the man responsible for bringing the game to Monte Carlo.

Recently, it was the filming location for the Poker game in the movie ‘Casino Royale’. It’s no less glamorous in real life, where you’ll often see all manner of gleaming supercars and limos ferrying the super-wealthy to the front doors., Germany (1834)

KURHAUS- BADEN-BADEN, Germany (1834)

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is situated on the outskirts of the Black Forest and is equally as impressive from the outside, as it is inside. Although it’s one of the most luxurious casinos around, it’s not one that’s swamped by tourism. It has also been described by actress and singer Marlene Dietrich as “the most beautiful casino in the world”.                             

Huge chandeliers and intricately painted murals decorate the main gambling hall and there are some smaller rooms where you can still play classics like poker and roulette.


John F. Miller arrived in Las Vegas in 1905 and attended an auction for property in the city in May of the same year. Miller saw instant potential in a parcel of land on the corner of Main and Fremont Streets and snatched it up for $1,750. A temporary tent hotel was opened on the land until he was able to construct a permanent structure and the Hotel Nevada opened on 3rd January 1906, containing the Golden Gate Casino.

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a slightly different kind of casino experience with local culture and history as it is star-spotting and grabbing a big win, any of these casinos will deliver their particular brand of suave style and atmosphere.

Is playing smart at online casinos an important aspect?

Is playing smart at online casinos an important aspect?

Everybody nowadays is into the practice of gambling, whether it is online or offline. Although land-based gambling has been in the industry for several decades, it wasn’t really acceptable or openly practised in many parts of the world, initially. Ever since the introduction of the online casinos, the status of gambling became widespread all around. Whether gamblers gamble under sportsbook or live casinos, there have been numerous factors that set the online casinos apart from land-based casinos. But overall, in general, online casinos are a lot more beneficial if we play it smartly. So, the question lies, ‘Is playing smart at online casinos an important aspect?’. The answer is definitely yes. There are certainly more advantages at playing in online casinos. Read on for more!

Is playing smart at online casinos an important aspect?

You can play your own way

It is very common and widely known that for land-based casinos, gamblers hardly or don’t even get the benefit of choosing from a variety of casino platforms. You just get stuck or visit the one which is nearest to your home or hotel. However, in the case of online casinos, players have unlimited options to choose from right from their mobile or desktop screen. You can visit several casino websites at the same time, compare and contrast them, and register for an account at your overall favourite casino. There are numerous features and aspects in every online casino which you can check and judge accordingly, which is best suited to your needs.

There are massive selections of games

In online casinos, players get unlimited game options to choose from, unlike brick-and-mortar casinos. The number of casino games catered by every online casino is impressive, and often leave players crazy and indecisive. At online casinos, it is always expected that no players will get tired or fed up with the list of games provided, and considering the state-of-the-art technologies employed in all the games and features. Almost all the online casinos are equipped with an extensive selection of games from all the leading game software developers, created with topnotch and most innovative features. 

They are low-cost and affordable

Another remarkable aspect of online casinos is that they are super affordable and cheap when compared to land-based casinos. Setting a bankroll is an absolute must for gamblers when it comes to gambling, whether they are rich or not. At land-based casinos, no matter what your bankroll is, there is always a means where your money flies off- travel costs, food, drinks, hotels, and more. However, online casinos can be accessed from anywhere, whenever, and wherever you are, straight from your mobile phones, desktop, and smart devices. This help gamblers save big on other miscellaneous expenditures.

Impressive bonuses and promotions

Another reason why online casinos are loved by many gamblers is that they offer generous rewards to players from time to time. Most online casinos extend welcome bonus or a first deposit bonus to newly registered players upon signing up to the website. You will rarely see this at land-based casinos. Instead of the bonuses or promotional events, gamblers are served with drinks to keep them at the casino. But in online casinos, players are pampered with stakes of cash, free spins, or of any sort, with the intent to offer the best online gaming experience. Not only that, but they also render promotional events, tournaments, loyalty clubs, no deposit offers, and such regularly. 

They offer reliable banking and customer support

Many people doubt the security and reliability of the use of online banking, thinking its a risky affair. But it is not the case. Reckoning with the advancement of technology and its state-of-the-art innovations, authentic online casinos are encrypted with the latest SSL certificates and solid firewalls. They offer the most powerful security and authentication procedures to the players, ensuring their personal details are safely protected. Genuine online casinos also endeavour the most reliable payment modes to players for smooth and hassle-free transactions. Additionally, there is 24×7 customer support care service which offers the players with options like live chat, email, phone call, Skype, telegram, and such. Impressive bonuses and promotions 

List of celebrities who enjoy playing Blackjack

List of celebrities who enjoy playing Blackjack

Blackjack or 21 is not an outlandish term to us. Whether we gamble or not, we have heard of the name at least once in our lifetime. It is one of the most traditional and renowned casino card games in the world, which is practised both at the online and land-based casinos even today. It is that one card game which anybody can play anywhere, anytime due to its simple game rules and approach. But did you know one of the groups of people who enjoy this card game are A-list celebrities? Yes! Even superstars enjoy spending their leisure time playing Blackjack. In the past years, many celebrities have admitted to being a big fan of this particular adrenalin-pumping action of Blackjack. Here are a few of the most famous stars who flaunt their love for Blackjack-

List of celebrities who enjoy playing Blackjack

1. Paris Hilton

I’m sure the name ‘Paris Hilton’ is familiar to all of us. She is well-known for her blonde locks and is a businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, fashion designer, and DJ. But mainly, she became widespread when she caught the attention of media for her sex tape during the early 2000s. But apart from all that, she is also an acclaimed Blackjack gambler who once took home a whopping $50,000 on a Sunday night. It happened when she was in New Jersey, Atlantic City, for a $100,000 DJ gig. After she finished the live performance, she took a Blackjack table, where she scored the jackpot, adding her card skills to the list of her other talents. 

2. Ben Affleck

When he’s not bound with the Batman character, he becomes a gambler. The Academy Award-winning actor, Ben Affleck, is not a new face when it comes to gambling. Despite being an A-list celebrity, one of his talents lies in his poker skills. In 2004, his skills were proven when he bagged the California Poker Championship. But Ben’s undying love for Blackjack caught more attention from his fans, notably when he teamed up with his close friend, Matt Damon. He reportedly won up to a massive $95,000 in a single sitting, until he was kicked out of the casino. Who knows, he could have hit another jackpot if it wasn’t for The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino that threw him out.

3. Prince Harry

Who else did not expect this ginger prince to be on the list? Well, if you’re familiar with Prince Harry’s persona, he is famous for being the bad guy within the royal family. He made several headlines in the past for breaking the stereotypes and stigma of royal blood, and we love him for that. Although he is a Prince by blood, he has broken the walls by supporting numerous types of activities like any people would do, and one of them is gambling. He was spotted at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, where he was seen losing several hundred dollars in a short period. However, there are rumours that, behind the scene, when he is away from the onlookers or paparazzi, he takes the game to his level.

4. P Diddy

P Diddy aka Puddy Daddy aka Sean Combs is known for his extravagant lifestyle- and his massive love for Blackjack card game. He is often seen at one or the other Blackjack tables, spending lavishly as he always does. As per reports, he often even demands Blackjack table be set in his dressing room just so he can play the game every chance he gets during his concert tours or award shows. Considering that, we assume he is more than just a recreational 21 player. Moreover, he is currently an in-demand public figure for casino moguls to flaunt at the casino venues. So it is only legit that he loves flaunting his assets lavishly. 

5. 50 Cent

Another celebrity that is fit to be on this list is 50 Cent, the American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and investor. He is also known for his love for Blackjack game and spending a fortune at betting, to the point he has his own themed Blackjack game called ’50 Cent’s Blackjack’. The game can be played on both desktops and smart devices and became an instant hit among his fans and other Blackjack fanatics. According to an interview, he once revealed that he usually bet a minimum of $5,000 on a single hand, and spends as much as $70,000 on a single sitting.