Different types of Blackjack Games

As a card game which requires a level of skills to play, Blackjack is undoubtedly the most popular games at casinos. The game also known as 21 is played against the house with the objective of getting a hand value close to twenty-one without exceeding it.

There are several variations of the game with slight changes to its basic rules. They vary in their payouts, the number of decks used in play and the way of using different gaming options.

Different types of Blackjack

There is umpteen number of Blackjack variants some of which are examined below.

Blackjack Switch – This is a Blackjack game where the player plays two hands of Blackjack. They can switch the top cards of each hand and are mandated to make two bets of equal size on both the hands.

There is also an option for players to make a ‘Super Match’ bet on the first four cards dealt with them. The Blackjacks in this variant pay even money i.e. 1:1 as against the normal 3:2. While the dealer hand with a 22 is a push, the dealer is supposed to hit on a soft 17.

European Blackjack – This variant is considered as the basic game from which the standard Blackjack game evolved. This game follows all the basic rules of the standard Blackjack game except for the difference in how the cards are dealt.

The dealer is not dealt a card face down until the player makes a decision on how to play his cards, which could be a hit, split, stand or the doubling of cards. Doubling is allowed on a total value of either 9, 10 or 11 and the players cannot choose to surrender.

Face Up 21 – This variant differs in the way of dealing cards to the dealer. As against the normal Blackjack rule of dealing the second card of the dealer’s face down, both the original cards of the dealer are dealt Face up in this variant, thereby leading to the naming as Double Exposure Blackjack.

In this game, the dealer need not check for Blackjack if his first card is an Ace or of 10 value. The Blackjack hand pays out even money and the surrender option could work to the disadvantage of the player if used at the wrong time.

Pontoon – This variation comes with special rules and naming system. In the game, players get to Twist and Stick as against Hit or Stand on standard Live Blackjack games, while the Blackjack is called as the Pontoon. This game is played by removing all the 10 value cards from the 52 card decks leaving only 48 cards.

The Pontoon hand and a 5-card hand pay 2:1, while other hands pay out even money. The game which is played with 2 to 8 decks, with the higher number of cards resulting in a decrease in the house edge for the game. Both the dealer’s cards are dealt face-down.

Spanish 21 – This game too is similar to the Pontoon variant, where the 10 value cards are removed from the decks leaving only 48 cards. However, this removal of cards results in a slightly higher edge for the house. The player wins with a 21 even if the dealer’s hand has a value of 21.

The players have the option to double on any number of cards and to re-split Aces.

Progressive Blackjack – The best part of the Progressive Blackjack game is that it offers an extra $1 bet per hand with a chance to win an increasing jackpot. Otherwise, all the other rules of this game are similar to the basic rules of standard Blackjack.

Super Fun 21 – A variation that is played with a single deck and guarantees fun and money by paying out even money on the Blackjack. This game ensures that the player wins with a hand having six cards or more totally to a value of 20, even the value of the dealer is 21. This rule is further extended to allow a Player’s Blackjack to win over a Dealer’s Blackjack.

Multiple Action Blackjack – The main difference this variant holds over the standard Blackjack rules is that the players can make more than one bet on a single hand against multiple successive dealer hands.

The collection above is just a small peek into a whole lot of Live Blackjack game variants, each with rules and Blackjack strategy building up to a big stack of information.


Name: Different types of Blackjack Games
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 21/03/2019