Double Attack Blackjack: An Innovative Blackjack Game

The Blackjack game is one of the most played casino games that are available at land and online casinos alike. The online Blackjack game is offered as an RNG game as well as a live Blackjack game with real dealers. One of the factors contributing to the popularity of the game is that it is easy to understand and play.

Casinos offer the classic Blackjack game along with variations which add new features to the rules of the game.

Double Attack Blackjack

Among all the modern variations of the Blackjack game, Double Attack Blackjack is a unique and innovative one. This variation of Blackjack was primarily popularized in Atlantic City and quite similar to the Spanish 21 online Blackjack game. The game comes with features which are fresh and exciting making it more enjoyable and possibly addictive.

Basic features of Double Attack Blackjack

The Double Attack Blackjack game is a game played with eight decks of Spanish cards, meaning that there are no 10s taking the total number of cards to 48 per deck. It the objective of the game is similar to the traditional Blackjack, where players try to beat the dealer by getting a hand value closer to 21 without exceeding(bust) it.


The game starts with each player placing initial bets following which the dealer is dealt one card face up. In line with its name, the game gives players a chance to attack the dealer twice by placing an additional ‘Double Attack’ bet, which will be added to the players’ initial bet.

The players are allowed to split any pair of cards and draw any number of cards to each hand, except for the split aces when the only an additional card can be drawn.

Rules of Double Attack Blackjack

  1. The dealer is mandated to stand on a soft 17.
  2. The game does not allow redoubling.
  3. The dealer is the winner when there is a push in this game.
  4. Players win the side bet when the dealer busts with three cards.

Side bets

This variation of the Blackjack games allows players to place a side bet on whether the dealer goes bust before any cards are dealt. This is also known as the ‘Bust It’ and has different payouts for various combinations, with the largest one being 200:1 when the dealer busts with three suited eights. The other payoffs are –

Third card is a ten. Pays off 3 to 1.

Third card is a nine. Pays off 6 to 1.

Third card is an eight. Pays off 8 to 1.

Third card is a seven. Pays off 10 to 1.

Third card is a six. Pays off 15 to 1.

There is an additional payoff if the dealer has an eight in the hand and gets another eight of the same color or suit and busts. Those payoffs are as follows:

The eight is the same color. Pays off 50 to 1.

The eight is the same suit. Pays off 200 to 1.

Pay-outs and RTP

The house edge for the Double Attack Blackjack game is 0.6% and pays 1:1 for natural Blackjacks. The optional insurance bet pays 5:2 and is considered to be lucrative. The RTP for the game which is 99.53% is better than some of the classic Blackjack games.

Double Attack Blackjack Strategy

This variation of Blackjack requires a sophisticated approach in terms of strategy to maximize profits. Some of the common rules include –

  1. Double down on 9, 10 and 11.
  2. Always split Aces.
  3. Never hit when the points are 17 or above.
  4. The ‘Double Attack’ option is to be used when the dealer’s card is between 2 to 8.
  5. It is not desirable to double the bet when the dealer’s up card is from 9 to Ace.
  6. Choose insurance unless the 10 valued cards are visible on the field.

Demo Version

The Double Attack Blackjack game having unique features different from classic Blackjack games is playable in free or demo mode. This is advisable to practice the game and familiarize with the rules before playing for real money at any casino.

Double Attack with all its unique features stands out as a game which gives players ample chances of winning big.


Name: Double Attack Blackjack: An Innovative Blackjack Game
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 21/03/2019