Enhance Your Gameplay with the Basic Blackjack Strategy

As it is well-known that playing the Blackjack game using a basic strategy can be more rewarding, the basic strategy for playing Blackjack has been compiled in the Blackjack Strategy chart. Despite being documented and illustrated on charts the basic strategy may be a bit difficult to memorise. There is a need to present this decision-making process in simple logical steps.

And so, the below-mentioned points enumerates different ways of learning the Blackjack basic strategy. Read on!

Familiarising the Blackjack Strategy


Preparing Flash Cards –

It is possible to jot down the steps using a pack of index cards. Players can start writing on each index card a line of the strategy, writing your hand on one side and the correct strategy on the other side. This will leave you with a pack of flashcards that you can use to memorise the basic strategy.

Players can keep going through these flashcards for some time every day to memorise the Blackjack strategy.

Prepare a Blackjack strategy chart –

You can make a table yourself, and then, fill in the correct strategy for every hand from memory. The prepared chart should be compared with the Basic Blackjack strategy for accuracy. This will simplify the process of familiarising the Blackjack rules.

Practice Blackjack with a deck of cards

You can practice playing with a deck of cards by setting the dealer’s 2 cards face up on the table. Next, deal yourself two cards face up and from memory decide how you would play the hand against the dealer’s 2 upcards. Cross check the strategy chart or table prepared by you to be sure you have got it right. Keep repeating this process with another two cards until you’ve run through the deck of cards.

Use a computer or Smartphone –

There is Blackjack strategy teaching software, which is available for Android, Apple smartphones and Microsoft Windows PC. The program allows random Blackjack hands to be displayed, and you would be required to pick the correct play. The program remembers the ones you get right or wrong and tends to pick the ones you are having the most problem with. You can also select specific hands to be tested on, and view your error statistics. This software allows you to practice moves and complete the strategy chart that will eventually help you master the Blackjack basic strategy.

Practising the Blackjack Strategy

How to play Blackjack is the basic question that appears in the minds of many casino gamers. The methods that can be employed to memorise the basic Blackjack strategy rules have been outlined at the beginning of this writeup. But recalling them during real gameplay is also equally important.

With the presumption that the casino allows Surrender

Surrender is the key decision that comes to a player’s mind taking priority over all the other playing decisions. It is almost familiar to Blackjack gaming pros that it is wise to surrender the hands when the dealer’s up card is either a 9, 10, or A. Therefore players should look at the dealer’s upcard and surrender If it’s a 9, 10 or A or move on if it is not.

Splitting of pairs

The next decision to make is whether or not to split. Essentially, if you don’t have a pair, move on to the next decision. If you do have a pair, then, you need to consider whether to split according to the basic strategy.

Double Down

The key cards in the case of doubling down decision are the initial cards in your hand. If you hold a two-card 8, 9, 10, or 11, or a soft hand, you may be doubling down according to the basic strategy playing rules for doubling.

Deciding to Hit or Stand

The decision to hit or stand according to the basic strategy rules is the last decision to make for you.

With a little Blackjack practice of playing the game at casinos, remembering the logical flow for decision-making should indeed become the second nature to regular gamers. Thinking to surrender first, then pair split, then doubling, and lastly, to hit or stand is usually the decision sequence adopted by the players.


Name: Enhance Your Gameplay with the Basic Blackjack Strategy
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 27/05/2019