How do Live Blackjack Tournaments work?

Blackjack is a standard casino card game offered at online casinos in the RNG and Live formats. The popularity of the game stems from the fact that it can be played more lucratively with the use of proper strategy. It strives to provide the realistic gaming experience of the land casino on the device of the players’ choice and at their comforts.

Live Blackjack Tournaments

Casinos are known to host tournaments of Live Blackjack, where the aim is to top the leaderboard to win exciting prizes that are usually cash amounts. While players in standard Live Blackjack gameplay against the dealers, the Live Blackjack Tournament is played against players also.

Each and every participant in the Live Blackjack tournament has to purchase chips to be able to start playing, as the chips in these tournaments have real money value.

The ultimate aim of these Live Blackjack tournaments is to accrue more chips than the dealers and other competing players.

Types of Blackjack tournaments

The Live Blackjack tournaments vary in formats and can be summed up as below.

  1. Elimination tournaments – In this format of the Live Blackjack tournament, the non-performing players are eliminated in each round.
  2. Non-elimination tournaments – Though players are needed to play and win more chips, the participants are not eliminated, even if they win a lower amount of chips.
  3. Sit ‘N’ Go tournaments – This popular type of Blackjack tournaments stand out from the rest by continuing as long as new players keep joining the tournament.
  4. Freeroll tournaments – This the format of Live Blackjack tournament is the one which can be played without having to pay any fee to join.

Key skills to play Live Blackjack tournaments

It is required that the players of the Live Blackjack tournaments, understand the rules and learn Blackjack strategy along with mastering a set of skills including –

  • Keeping count of the competitors’ chip counts.
  • Decisive knowledge of when to place the minimum and maximum bets.
  • The intuition of when to match the opponents bet.
  • The ability to estimate a players’ bankroll after a new bet is placed.
  • Modifying the basic strategy to fit the conditions of the tournament.
  • Knowing how to stop the opponent from entering the next round.
  • Knowledge of the importance of the betting position.

Playing Live Blackjack tournament

  1. Identifying the Live Blackjack tournament and signing up – Players can choose the tournament that they prefer to play in after going through the terms of each one of them. Once the choice is made the players will need to sign up on the casino site.
  2. Match the competitors’ initial bet – After signing up of the tournament site, players need to match the bets of their competitor’s, after which the game commences, with the dealer dealing out cards to each player.
  3. Decide the move to make – Once the two cards are dealt the player needs to decide on the move, which could be the Hit, Split and ‘Stand’. Some of the tournaments allow players to double down or surrender.
  4. Determine the winner – Once all the rounds are played out the winner will be decided based on the number of chips the players have won.

Key features of Live Blackjack tournaments

  1. Speed of the game – The Live Blackjack game is much slower paced, as the dealers shuffle and deal cards, while players get to chat.
  2. Excitement aspect – Though all the tournaments are exciting the genuine thrills of Live Blackjack is unmatched.
  3. Social aspect – The dealers get to speak to the players in the tournament, which adds a social element to the gameplay.
  4. Convenience – Unlike the real-world casino, the players can indulge in gaming action from the comforts of their homes that add up the popularity factor of these tournaments.

Benefits of playing in Live Blackjack tournaments

There are significant advantages of participating in Live Blackjack tournaments quite similar to the Live Blackjack games. The players are guaranteed safety of their personal data and deposits while playing tournaments at reputed casino sites. These Live Blackjack tournaments provide the players with a chance to win huge cash prizes, unlike the classic Blackjack games.

Players can improve their competency to play at Live Blackjack tournaments by mastering the basic strategy of the Blackjack gameplay.


Name: How do Live Blackjack Tournaments work?
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 08/04/2019