How the Number of Decks Matter in Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack is one of the well-liked and most preferred table games by a majority of the players around the world. However, over the years, the rules of Live Blackjack game have been undergoing a lot of changes. Earlier, only a single deck was used to play this game and fewer rules existed. This indeed gave a huge advantage to the players over the house. When you play a Live Blackjack game in any of the live casinos, you will observe that the deck size varies from one variant to the other. Understanding the number of decks and rules matter in Live  Blackjack as it helps you choose the best variant.

Well, let us help you understand a little deeper as to how choosing the right number of decks in Live Blackjack play a significant role.

How to Choose the Right Number of Decks in Live Blackjack?

Increase in house edge

During the 1950s, the casinos around the world and in Vegas used one single deck to play the Blackjack game. There were no variations to this game and everybody followed a single game. The house edge was almost negligible. This led to changing some of the decks and rules in Blackjack which included increasing the deck size to two. This increased the house advantage to almost 0.35%. And now there are numerous Live Blackjack variants with up to 8 decks that increase the house edge further. Remember, an increase in the house edge is compensated by better rules for players. So, it is important that you find your balance.

The probability of getting a Blackjack

Do keep in mind that with one deck, the probability is 4.83%, with 2 decks, it is 4.78% and with 6 decks it goes down to 4.75%. So, fewer the number of decks and rules in Blackjack leads to a higher probability of drawing a Blackjack.

Rules of Live Blackjack

There is an increase in the house edge due to the addition of decks in a Live Blackjack game. To be fair, there are new rules added. There are certain rules which are made to compensate. The most important and effective rule is that the dealer must stand on all 17s. Which means, the dealer cannot stand before he reaches 17 or hit after he reaches it. This clearly gives players the benefit of drawing cards further beyond this stage, or even stands much before scoring 17. All the Live Blackjack online variants offered in the casinos have this basic rule in place. So, watch out!

Choosing the right Live Blackjack variant

It is true that the number of decks and rules matter in Live Blackjack in order to play smart. You can find Blackjack with six decks in various casinos offering some exciting casino bonuses too. These side bets help you win regardless of the results of your main game. Such variants give players huge benefits even though the number of bets in the main game is more. Also, there are games with multiple hands that can increase your winning chances. If you want to play a single hand game without any offers, it is better to opt for a variant with the least number of decks.

The rules are pretty much identical in all Blackjack games. Always remember that it is always the variant which uses a smaller number of decks to build the shoe is advantageous for you.


Name: How the Number of Decks Matter in Live Blackjack?
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 01/03/2019