How to play Multi-Hand Blackjack?

Strategies are the most crucial factor when you play multi-hand blackjack because it will help you compare all the variables that are within your power and limit your risks. In other words, playing with online blackjack strategy puts you in control of your multi-hand blackjack game. For those who aren’t aware of what multi-hand blackjack means, it is another traditional game variant of live blackjack online where it allows the players to play up to five hands at once.

The rules

The multi-hand blackjack rules and objective are the same as that of the traditional blackjack game, where players require to achieve a total of or as close as possible to 21 without surpassing it. Just like the classic blackjack, the players compete against the croupier, and the winning edge is judged based on the total hands of the players and the dealer. Except that, the only significant contrast in this game variant is that players can play with a total number of five hands, allowing them to make several moves and place more bets. The power to choose the number of hands is given to the players right before the game starts, and every hand must be played independently, including the wagering amount.

In most of the live blackjack online casinos, they use two decks of cards in the multi-hand blackjack game variant and follows the regular payout ratio of 3:2. The card values are as same as the standard blackjack-cards from 2-9 are valued from 2-9, 100s and face cards are worth 10, and aces can be counted as either 1 or 11 according to player’s wish. Commonly, in this blackjack game variant, the croupiers are enforced to hit on soft 17, while double down can be made on any hand and splitting is allowed up to three times. However, note that these blackjack rules may vary depending on if it is played on land or online.

Player options

Player options is a situation offered to the players when the dealer does not have a natural or blackjack, so they are allowed to improve their total. In simple, the gamblers are offered a list of choices to make their gameplay better and more interesting, by choosing to stand or hit on any total that is worth less than 21. Here are some of the player options that a player can employ depending on the status of the total hands.


Stand option is used when a player does not need any further cards to be dealt with or play their hand against the dealers.


This option is used when a player wants an additional card to get a total hand of 21 or as close as possible until they decide to stand or bust.


The split option is used when two cards in a single hand are of the same denomination, so you split them into two individual hands with the initial wagering amount. The two Hands then receive one card each and play against the dealer.

Insurance bet

Insurance Bet is a side bet in extension to the original bet, which allows the players to win back a part of the initial wagering cost when the croupiers win.

Dealer options

In the case of the dealers, the options provided to them are the same, which can be found in the standard blackjack. They must hit any hand that is worth 16 or less, and stand on any blackjack hand that is worth 17 or more.

Strategy for Multihand Blackjack

By now, it is pretty much clear that playing a Multihand Blackjack can give you greater odds of winning with higher profits as it is basically about playing five games at once. But, players should know that a better part of this Blackjack variant to succeed is to apply different blackjack strategies on each hand. Players should also keep in mind that the dealers always play by the set rule regardless of what you’re doing, which means, he will keep drawing until he reaches 17. Thus, the absolute tactics for Multihand blackjack are to apply every blackjack strategies on each hand and also remember to use the insurance bet as many times as required when the croupier has an Ace on the hand.


Name: How to play Multi-Hand Blackjack?
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 22/08/2019