Largest penalties by the gambling commission

The practice of gambling has had a tremendous impact in the last few decades, all thanks to the online casinos. They are one of the highest business regulators in the world, with different legislations and rules levied on different countries or jurisdictions.

It is one of the businesses around the world that run in strictness and much dignity, and thus, online casinos face one of the most severe forms of punishments for those that infringe the laws. The sentences can range from lifetime bans to license withdrawals to monetary fines and even jail time for the offenders. Setting up such rules and regulations acts as a practice towards creating a positive approach to the gambling world, and it also ensures the business of the gambling operators and companies to stay firm and practical. So, here are the top penalties of casino operators levied by the Gambling Commission, depending on the infringement of laws set by the Gambling Commission.

Administrative action

One of the foremost responsibilities of any casino operators is to ensure that their website and gambling sessions are perpetually relevant, secure, and crime-free. If in case any license holders fail to follow these administrative rules and regulations, they can face either of the following penalties –

  • The authority will issue a warning to the respective operator
  • Attach an additional license condition
  • Remove or amend a license condition
  • Suspend a license
  • Impose a financial penalty

These are the top penalties imposed by the Gambling Commission for the infringement of gambling laws.

888 – £7.8 Million

In August 2017, 888 Casino was charged a whopping £7.8 million by the Gambling Commission for failing to protect vulnerable players, and for having immense flaws in its approach towards the objectives of social responsibility. According to the report brought by the Gambling Commission, 888 failed to protect 7,000 vulnerable players who opt to take their time out from their gambling activities, because of a technical failure which led the players to continue with their gambling addiction. The £7.8 million was used to refund the £3.5 million deposit made by the listed customers, £62,000 to the employer whose money was stolen, and the remaining £4.25 million were employed in financing a socially responsible cause that could tackle gambling problems.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility in the gambling world means, the casino operators taking great care of the wellbeing of its players, and making sure that the gamblers do not face any problems. This particular point is mentioned three times on the licensing objectives- that crimes should be kept out of gambling, it should be fairly and openly conducted, and children and vulnerable people should be kept away from gambling abuse or be protected. Any casino operators who fail to follow the social responsibility will be impeached with a monetary fine as high as £20 Million.

William Hill – £6.2 Million

In 2018, William Hill, one of the leading sports gambling websites, was fined £6.2 million by the industry regulatory authority for their lack of responsibility towards money laundering which led to the disclosure of customers’ identity. Based on the reports, William Hill had failed to recognise the tangible signs of gambling problems by its customers and allowed them to deposit money to criminal offences, thus violating the objectives of social responsibility and anti-money-laundering.

Money laundering and terrorist financing

The illegal process of concealing the source of money acquired illegally by transferring it through a complicated sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions, is called money laundering. And any casino operators that break the money laundering regulations are fined heavily by the responsible authority.

Skybet – £1 Million

In last April, Skybet was fined £1,008,600 by the Gambling Commission for breaching the gambling regulations on not only one but three different occasions. Because of the technical failures of Skybet, it allowed 736 self-excluded players to create fake accounts and continue with their gambling addiction from November 2014-November 2017. Not only that, but the company also sent marketing materials to 50,000 self-exiled customers via texts, emails, and smartphone apps, and failed to refund 36,748 self-exiled customers after they closed their accounts.


Name: Largest penalties by the gambling commission
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 01/08/2019