Learn about the 10 biggest casino losses

Learn about the 10 biggest casino losses

Everyone knows casino games are based on luck and chance. You either win or lose, there is no in-between. It’s all fun until you hit the bottom of your cash bundle. Every now and then players lose a few bucks at the casino games which is fine and pretty normal. But there are bigger players in the history who have lost an enormous amount of cash so much so that one might find it difficult to digest. Read on to find out about the 10 biggest casino losses below.

Learn about the 10 biggest casino losses

The super gambler- Kerry Packer

One of the most powerful and richest persons of Australia, Kerry Packer, had an avid knack for the gambling. Kerry gambled hard and lost several million dollars on different gaming occasions. But the most memorable casino losses of his is the USD 28 million one which he lost at the London’s Crockford’s Casino. As if this wasn’t a huge enough loss, he witnessed another defeating hit of USD 25 million within a few days of the previous casino losses. But Kerry being an enthusiastic gambler was backed by his huge wealth, never took such loses to head.

The Baccarat maniac – Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi, a Tokyo-based businessman was avidly fond of the Baccarat game. He was known to play the game with astonishingly huge wagers averaging up to 100 to 200 thousand dollars. On one occasion, at Donald Trump’s casino in the resort city of Atlantic, he gambled a bet of whopping 12 million dollars. The risk was way too big and Akio had to bear the casino losses of 10 million dollars.

The Roulette fanatic – Frank Saracakis

Frank Saracakis was the son of the founder of Saracakis Brothers, a leading Greek Automobile Company. Frank was passionate about the fascinating game of Roulette which got the best of him. One night, he wagered around 13 million dollars at London’s Crockford’s Casino only to lose it within a few hours.

Another Roulette admirer – Robert Maxwell

Just like Frank, Robert Maxwell too had an attachment to the game of Roulette. The proof of his great admiration for Roulette game can be sensed from when he waged and lost a huge 2.4 million dollars, all within a few minutes into the game. Robert, an established media tycoon is definitely the quickest loser in the casino losses history.

Yet another Roulette gambler- Faroud al-Zayat

Faroud al-Zayat, a Syrian citizen was regular Roulette gambler at the London’s Aspinalls Casino. Faroud is said to have lost an incredible amount of 3.5 million dollars all within hours of one-night itself.

The smart gambler – Marco Johnston

Marco Johnston, a normal businessman from America, played it pretty smart when he had born his casino losses of 500,000 dollars. All he did was an appeal to the court that he was severely drunk and couldn’t be held responsible for the huge wager he made that night.

The card games lover – Gladys Knight

If you think only men are leading the race of abrupt decisions, think again. Gladys Knight, the American singer and songwriter who won the prestigious Grammy award 6 times has also made to this list of casino losses.

Yes, Gladdy’s love for card games knows no bound and one night it costed her up to 40,000 dollars at the games of Baccarat and Blackjack.

The Blackjack enthusiast – Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley, a TV analyst at NBA is pretty fond of Blackjack game and once happened to lose up to 2.5 million dollars in a 6-hour game.

The ultimate gambler- Terry Watanabe

Terry takes the prize home for holding the biggest of the casino losses in the history of a massive 205 million dollars. Terry Watanabe, an American businessperson was gambling in Las Vegas in 2007. Coupled with the alcohol, he wagering went out of hand and within hours he was facing a debt of 205 million dollars waiting to be paid. Terry was able to pay only half of his casino loses which lead to the legal scuffle between him and the gambling establishment owners, and the rest is history.


Name: Learn about the 10 biggest casino losses
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 22/07/2019