Live Blackjack Online: a highly entertaining choice

An easy yet appealing game, live Blackjack online can be played from anywhere across the world. The amazing classic game of blackjack played in land-based casinos is now getting streamed live with awesome HD quality. The game can be availed and played on any devices like tablets, desktops and even smartphones.

Don’t fret on playing alone. Live Blackjack Online comes in a number of variants to assure you thorough entertainment. Players get to play the game while also communicating with the live dealers. The communication from the player’s side is usually through chat while the response from the dealers is through speech. Players get to place bets on real cards in this live game, which are dealt by dealers.

Settings for playing Live Blackjack Online

Once you have a valid account at your favourite online casino, you can begin the game by making the required initial settings. There are two views available for the player from which they can choose their preferred one by going into Settings option. The best gets automatically applied which is based on the internet connection of the user.

Dealing Rules in the amazing world of Live Blackjack Online

You have to aim score a number closer to a total of 21 in this game. If you exceed it, you will go bust.

Use the chips present at the bottom of the screen to wager your bet. Once done betting, click on the ‘Deal’ option to view your cards. These are your first two cards.

The game further continues based on these options. They are as follows:

Blackjack: If the players both cards add up to 21, it is known as the Blackjack, the best deal of the game.

Hit: If the players both cards do not add up to 21, they can pick another card to double down.

Double Down: In this option, players can double their first bet and deal the further game with one extra card.

Stand: Dealer always stands on 17. Players can take cards repeatedly before choosing to stand to deal with the dealer.

Split: If the player initially ends up with two cards of equal value, he/she can Split into two different hands. These two cards need to be two other cards to be added to call them complete hands and each will be of value equal to the initial bet. Before choosing to stand, the players can improve the hand value by adding cards. In case of a pair of Aces, if the player chooses to split them they only get one extra card per hand to deal and no option of Hit is provided.

The outcomes of the game are fabulous. Play the amazing game of Live Blackjack Online to know for yourself.


Name: Live Blackjack Online: a highly entertaining choice
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 12/01/2019