Popular Blackjack Side Bets: You must know

Blackjack has a lower house edge. Blackjack players use these bets to boost their winnings with small wagers. There are several Blackjack side bets that can be mastered by players with a bit of research and practice. To increase the profits of regular and live casinos, the Blackjack side bets were introduced into the game to encourage the blackjack players to play in an immersive environment.


This Blackjack side bets are carried out with the upper card of the dealer and the first two cards of the player. This side bet is commonly used by most of the Blackjack dealers. The player wins if the 3 cards form a straight flush, 3 of a kind, straight or a flush. The house edge was 3.24% when the original side bet of 21+3 for winning hands was 9:1. With time, new pay tables have been introduced that gives the house more edge and volatility. The player needs to keep track of the number of cards in the bet to give him or her an edge over the house. The 21+3 bet has a number of variations that give the house an edge from 2.78% to 13.39%. The RTP of these bets is 95.38% and depends on what hand the player is playing.

Over/Under 13

If the player has the total of his or her first two cards above or below 13, he or she is allowed to wager as per this side bet.  In certain places like Panama, the players are allowed to wage if the total comes out to be an exact 13. The house edge in these cases ranges from 6.54% to 10.11%.

Lucky ladies

In this Blackjack side bet, the players bet that the total of their first two cards will turn up to be 20 normally with two queens. If the dealer has a blackjack and player gets two queens, then the top payoff is 1000:1. If the player has two queens in his hands, then the total payoff is approximately 200:1. If its a matched 20, then the payoff is 25:1. In all the cases, the house edge stays at 17%.

Perfect pairs

This bet is not compulsory and is optional. Most of the blackjack dealers refrain from using this side bet as it is very risky. If the cards that the players are dealing with turn up to be a pair, the player can make the perfect pair bet. The players can pay at odds ranging from  5:1 to 25:1. Multiple factors are responsible for the odds such as colour, suit and rank. The players can theoretically get an RTP of 95.82%.


This is one of the most well-known Blackjack side bets known in the live dealer Blackjack games. If the dealer has a Blackjack, this side bet protects the player. The player puts down 50% of his or her wager with this Blackjack side bet as insurance. After the side bet, if it turns out that the dealer really has a Blackjack in his possession, then the player will win 2:1 on the wager that he put down as insurance.


Name: Popular Blackjack Side Bets: You must know
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 18/01/2019