Popular Classical Music featuring gambling: A comprehensive list

It seems a little bit strange to hear classical music in casinos yet there are many classical musicians. They are either gamblers themselves or use gambling as an inspiration to make their work. Music, themes, casino bonuses, casino review and graphics of online casino games are some of the features that influence gamblers.

The combo of soothing classical music gives peace to one’s mind and online gambling keeps the thought process of our mind always busy seems to be a mismatch. In spite of that, there are several classical compositions, which got their motivation from gambling.

 Let’s have an ear for some soothing rhythms of gambling.


The gambler opera –Sergei Prokofiev

It was an opera split into four acts with classical music for gamers. The story was written between November 1915 and April 1916. The opera had its first performance in 1929. 

The passion for the game has been depicted in this composition. It was composed by Prokofiev based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Set in a fictional spa town in Germany, the opera tells a complicated story of greed, obsessions, euphoric wins, and devastating losses at the casino.

In 1931, Prokofiev produced an orchestral suite – Four Portraits and a Dénouement from ‘The Gambler’, op. 49 based on the material from this opera. The opera is based on gambling wins and losses wrapped with a story of true love.

The queen of spades- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a classical music genius who had composed a lot many operatic sections that were based on numerous topics. This opera, however, is about the bad luck involved in unfortunate situations of gambling. This is another opera split into three acts with its premiere taking place back in 1890. The lead character sings in all seven scenes including classical music for gaming enthusiasts. Again this is a story based on love and bad luck in gambling. StillThe gamblers –D.Shostakovich, there are many online casino articles where one can easily find violinist and composer who had been a part of that time when gambling began.

The story is an altered plot of Alexander Pushkin’s original short story of the same name. Tchaikovsky worked together with his brother, Modest Tchaikovsky to produce the libretto. This opera is considered as one of Tchaikovsky’s most ambitious and impressive works.

The gamblers –D.Shostakovich

The Gamblers by Shostakovich is an incomplete opera with only one surviving act. The story was based on a play by Nikolai Gogol. Shostakovich abandoned the work as he finds it too long because the libretto was a word-for-word copy of the play. Krzysztof Meyer, a polish composer, later completed the opera using his music for the remaining part. The Gambler is a story about card-sharps trying to beat each other in cheating. The action is set in a room in a small Russian town.

Casino paradise –W.BolcomJeu de cartes – Stravinsky

The name is also synonymous with ‘The Card Game’. This artistic excellent piece was composed by Stravinsky, who ironically had never been a gambler! This Russian ballad incorporates characters that depict the face value cards such as Joker, Queen, and Aces and so on. The scenes, renamed as ‘deals’ end when the Jokers straight flush is challenged by a royal flush.

This work is an example of Stravinsky’s Neoclassicism, a movement which seeks to return to the aesthetics of the 18th century that emphasises clarity and balance, and also as a reaction against the music of late Romanticism.

Casino paradise –W.Bolcom

Casino Paradise is a musical theatre composed by William Bolcom with the lyrics by Arnold Weinstein. It was premiered at the Philadelphia’s American Music Theatre Festival in 1990.

As the name says, this is an amalgamation of all the beautiful tracks that went along with the scenes depicted and was mostly serene. The music had the power to capture the minds of the audience and to this date, has remained significant in the music and casino gaming industry as well.

The two-act opera tells a dark comedy about the conflicts, relationships, and encounters of a casino tycoon and his son. Bolcom’s musical style in this work was wide-ranging, incorporating jazz, rap, blues, and other dance genres. Weinstein’s lyrics, on the other hand, were witty and entertaining.

Apart from all these composers, history also mentions the role of some of the most influentibal classical players like Wolfgang Mozart, Gioachino Rossini, Paganini, etc. have been influential in composing music, while being gamblers as well.

Today, online gambling has become so diverse and caters to the needs of people across the world. There have been a lot many live casino games that incorporate amazing sound profiles coming from different cultural themes. 


Name: Popular Classical Music featuring gambling: A comprehensive list
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 18/09/2019