The Advantages of playing Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is one of the most popular live casino game around. Nowadays, the top mobile casinos have Live Blackjack in their collection along with several other variants. But, gamblers usually play Live blackjack due to several reasons which they cannot easily get in regular casinos or online casinos. Here are some advantages of playing Live Blackjack.

Ability to play single deck Blackjack

Playing single deck blackjack is advantageous than multiple deck blackjack. In live casinos, you can play Single-deck Blackjack heads on with the dealer anytime you want. Counting cards in single deck Blackjack are easier than multiple deck Blackjacks. In live casinos, you can use the multiple camera systems to count the cards. Moreover, the house edge in Single-deck Blackjack is much lower (0.17%) than multiple deck blackjack (0.65%).

No need for casino etiquettes

In Live Blackjack you do not have to tip the dealer every time you get a good win. Moreover, you do not have to dress well or maintain your image in the game. There is no pressure to maintain common courtesy. In live casinos, the house edge is significantly bigger, so not maintaining the basic etiquettes can help you significantly.

Easy to change your table

Ever felt like the dealer cannot lose at a particular table? Don’t worry. We have been too! In normal casinos, the changing table is a long, tedious process as you have to colour up, cash in chips again and rebuild at another table. In live casinos, you have the advantage of changing tables whenever you want. Live casinos are available 24×7 and you do not have to worry about whether your seat the table is available or not.

Playing with the dealer

There have been situations where you are playing well at a table and then a player comes and ruins the flow with a wrong hand. By playing with the dealer head on, you can use a proper strategy to beat the dealer.

More hands per hour

Live Blackjack games allow you to play multiple tables at a single time. This helps you to increase the number of hands exponentially. As per season Blackjack players, your winning opportunity increase with more number of hands as your variance decreases if you play with a mathematical strategy.

The convenience factor

With live casino games, players do not have to leave the convenience of their homes. Same goes with Live Blackjack as well. If you are an avid Blackjack player and do not have time to visit the regular casinos, then Live Blackjack is the best option for you to have a similar gaming experience. You can easily interact with the dealers and players just like regular casinos. This makes the game much more preferable.


Name: The Advantages of playing Live Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 04/02/2019