The Best Blackjack Apps you should know

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that is also responsible as one of the factors for the massive popularity of the casino gaming and gambling industry as well. Playing online Blackjack has helped to accommodate the massive popularity and demand for the game for seekers who want to be part of this fun-filled extravaganza. Professionals have even resorted to coming up with Blackjack strategies to place themselves ahead of this competition and potentially have a chance at earning decent profits. Blackjack rules have evolved over time, and so is the case in live Blackjack online games as well.

Since the time casino venues were more locally situated at specific locations, online casino sites have helped people to enjoy their favourite Blackjack games at the comforts of their own home. Live Blackjack has become an integral part of the online casino industry. It includes the excitement of enjoying a revolutionary game as well as adding in the ‘thrill’ factor by allowing players interacting with and playing against competitors from around the world as well! The sites could be accessed on mobile sites too. However, over time, the app industry realized the potential of making it convenient for users to access Live Blackjack Online games on their smartphones as well. Here are a few Live Blackjack online game apps that one must certainly have on their smartphones:

1) Blackjack Legends: 21 Online: This app offered by WildCard Games is an iOS-based app that certainly packs the thrill of implementing Blackjack strategies to win games in a period of short rounds. It includes looking out against competitors too, against the dealer since the game incorporates 3 players to compete against each other and see who accumulates the maximum number of chips in the end!

2)  Blackjack 21 Free Card Offline: Not every time might someone get a proper internet connection to play their favourite online casino game. To resolve this issue, Supp Group introduces this app for Android users that also allows players to play a game of Blackjack offline as well. Certainly, it’s a keeper!

3) Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded: This app has certainly taken the ‘customer centricity’ factor into account. This game that is available on Android allows players to customize their gameplay to a level which is unparalleled! Game developers have given players the freedom to play their favourite game as per to their own liking, without having to compromise on the standard Blackjack rule. This app is certainly worth a try.

4) myVEGAS Blackjack: This app is certainly a gambler’s dream come true! myVEGAS Blackjack allows players to not only win prizes but the rewards can be real-world awards as well! The game incorporates the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of Las Vegas, a city that is known for its roots of gambling and the casino lifestyle and culture. If one happens to stay in Vegas, one might play this game in order to have a chance at winning real-world awards such as Hotel stays, night club access, scrumptious meals and many more. However, if one doesn’t stay in Vegas, this game is still worth experience because of its gameplay which is bright, vividly coloured, unique in content and is definitely glamorous!

5) Blackjack Strategy Practice: This app might certainly come off as a boon for the ones who are starting out as players themselves. This app doesn’t allow one to play a real game, but certainly helps players to grasp ideas on and to understand Blackjack rules as well. The app also allows players to practice bouts of Blackjack playing without having to enter into a competitive space. Take the time to learn more!

6) Card Counter: Another app to help one understand and implement a Blackjack strategy! The card is a prerequisite skill in order to evolve from a beginner, naïve player to becoming a seasoned professional player. This app allows players to learn the aspects of card counting and allowing them to understand and memorize on how to count cards in a real-life game. Card counting is absolutely necessary in order to reduce the house edge and increase one’s chances and the probability of earning more.

7) Blackjack Lite: This app developed by Time International FZE allows all Android users to incorporate a Blackjack app which requires as much minimum space as possible. The app takes approximately 4.5 MB of space on the drive, but ensures to deliver a stunning visual display with no compromise in gameplay, at the same time as well!

8) Blackjack X – This game developed by Tom Kerrigan allows players to hone their Blackjack gaming skills and to learn the various schemes and strategies associated with playing the game. This iOS app allows one to play the game under a training mode and provides statistics to help one understand and fine-tune their gameplay in order to have a better chance of earning more!


Name: The Best Blackjack Apps you should know
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 04/04/2019