The Common Myths about the Game of Blackjack

The Common Myths about the Game of Blackjack

Whether Blackjack is your favourite or not, almost a handful of people have the hang of the game! Let’s have a look at the most common misbeliefs of the game of Blackjack.

The Common Myths about the Game of Blackjack

Reach to 21!

People often think that their main aim in the game of Blackjack is to reach nearest to the number 21. This myth makes you reach a level where the dealers are ignored in terms of their upcard. The players generally hit twelve to fourteen in an attempt to reach the number 21 leading nowhere. Various casino bonuses are skipped along with other favourable game conditions in the chase of the number. As per casino reviews, a lot of casino players in the greed of reaching the number are misguided whereas they had a decent chance to win over the dealer in the game.

Blackjack comps

All casino players are under the impression that they get Blackjack perks from playing in live casinos in terms of free food and hotel luxury packages. This is a façade. From good to bad players, the house edge varies from 3 to 4 percentages to .5 to 2 as per the table rules. Therefore, you may not get any specific expected perks in the game of Blackjack and the casino will not be at any loss.

The complexity of the strategy

The game of Blackjack at first seems to be intimidating due to consistently keeping a track of various things happening in the game. How to react on various permutations and combination between the player and the dealer keeps the mind tied up all the time initially when you start with the game. The easiest way to find a suitable strategy is surfing the internet! Various strategy charts with different probabilities are found in sites like Bing or Google bringing a range of options for you. Study the chart and follow the best-suited strategy in your scenario.

Veteran vs. virgin

It is said that the pro players in the game are mean and might not help the beginners in the game. Once you are a little tipsy, all such doubts and fears go down the drain and the main focus is only on the game. The beginners are fragile due to their acute focus in the game to understand its functioning. If one is behaving in a reasonably manageable manner, either of them can just have fun or play their games. The Blackjack players may or may not be nice with each other depending on individuals. One should be vigilant and prepared with their charts and refer them whenever needed. The Blackjack table manners (no card touching or chips touching) should be followed by all players irrespective of the alcohol content inside one’s body without giving any unwanted advice and making smart decisions in a given time.

Dealer and competitor chase

It is said that the Blackjack dealer is against the players which aren’t true for all. Instead, the job of a dealer is to facilitate the game and gain little benefit from the tips they get. They supervise the cheating and tricks and make sure that the game moves without any hindrances.

Back to back losses lead to a huge win!

In the fantasy of winning, a lot of players bear losses thinking that the next will be their winning time which is a total brain scam! There is no specific due for a win and the logic of house edge percentage being 1 to 2 means you might be close to a small win and if you lose 2 or more times you might have the next win. This average law doesn’t work in the game of Blackjack.

Low house edge all the time? Illegitimate card counting!

With a myth of casino players stating that the game of Blackjack every time will have a low house edge, nearly 0.5 per cent which isn’t actually true as the rule changes on each table and one should follow a strategy chart. The card counting in the case of multiple shoes doesn’t have any law to make this illegal. Yet a large number of live casinos dislike the counters! Card counting is gambled within a gamble wherein you can win in one go via your estimation and lose all within the next moment. No mathematician or genius can make a lot of money from counting.

Miscellaneous myths

One shouldn’t rely on any insurance or be superstitious about the winning chances with 10 value cards. Also, casinos really cannot offer 5 or 10 dollar games as they are accountable for their staff salaries too.


Name: The Common Myths about the Game of Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 15/08/2019