The gameplay features of Blackjack party

The gameplay features of Blackjack party

Blackjack has been widely known to be successful even before the online casinos were introduced. It is basically a card game played with one or more decks of 52 cards against the dealer. With the introduction of the online Blackjack, casino enthusiasts started investing in the online version instead of the traditional because of the better features and benefits it offers. Under the online Blackjack, there are several game variants offered in many live casinos, of which, Blackjack Party is one of them. Let’s take a look further into the details.

The gameplay features of Blackjack party

What is Blackjack Party?

Live games offered in many casinos are known to be super entertaining and fun that offers the players with a real-time gaming environment. Well, when it comes to Blackjack Party, it is no less than the other table games.

Blackjack Party is one of the most popular variants of online Blackjack games provided by Evolution Gaming that uses the standard Blackjack format. This game offers players with a party-like gaming atmosphere in colourful themes and is assisted by two dealers. In this game, the conversation between the players and the dealers are more informal compared to the scenarios of other live casino games.

How to play Blackjack Party?

Blackjack Party is live-streamed using high-end cameras and other gadgets in order to provide the players with an exact brick and mortar casino experience. That being said, it is important for the players to have a stable internet connection to access the games without any interruptions.

To play this game, you need to select your bet using the chips that are at the bottom of the game screen. The details of the bet behind feature will be explained below. The rules used in the Blackjack Party is the same as the other Live Blackjack games, where you place your bet, which can include either stand, hit, split or double down depending on the dealer’s card.

Benefits of playing Blackjack Party

  • The live game is assisted by professional dealers.
  • The live-streaming is done in high quality using only the best cameras. They broadcast the live studio in various angles, giving the players a clear view of the interior design of the studio and the dealers.
  • This variant of the online Blackjack game is extremely well-liked among gamblers.
  • The theme of this game variant is usually a party-mode, and the conversations are more flexible and informal between the dealer and the players.
  • This game provides higher winning odds to the players.

What is the Bet Behind feature in Blackjack?

This feature is common in Blackjack games, where players can still place their bets behind despite the unavailability of seats. For Bet Behind, a player requires to put his/her wager on another player, usually the one who is having a better winning streak. Depending on whether the other player wins or not, you will be affected by their result- which means, if they win, you will win too, and if they lose, you will lose. Thus, this feature is super simple and easy to employ, which doesn’t need any complicated steps to perform from your side, although you have to depend on someone else’s win or loss.


Name: The gameplay features of Blackjack party
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 08/07/2019