The House Edge In Blackjack : Facts You Should Know

Unlike Roulette or Poker, Blackjack has the lowest house edge. Despite this, here are some facts that you should know about the house edge in Blackjack.


The house edge for online Blackjack games are better than the real ones. This is because the online casinos neither have to pay for their dealers nor pay cocktail waitresses or air conditioning. They often hire people from different countries with different living standards to gain on their margin of profit and offer the players with better perspectives.  This is why running an online casino is cheaper than the traditional ones. They pass these savings in the form of lower house edges (lower than 1%) and better rules.


If the player uses basic strategy, the house edge turns around 0.5%. That percentage may vary according to your skill level. Many players who are bad at basic strategy give up their 1.5% edge which makes the house take about 2% edge. Many players do not make the effort or take time to get the house edge low. This is the reason why the top mobile casinos offer online blackjack with a lower house edge. Unlike other games, online blackjack requires the player to make informed mathematical decisions for every situation at the table. You have to know when to hold the card or fold the card.


Even when the house has an edge, the player can win in the short run theoretically. Due to variance, anything can happen in the gambling games. In less than three hands, an average loss of 1% is impossible. If every player plays for a few hours, they can get home with a profit. Most of the casinos are well aware of this Blackjack strategy and might try to use it to their advantage.


Some people assume that as they have an expected edge of 1% over the casino and if they know some basic strategies about the online Blackjack game, they can win in every situation. The truth is that in the short run, the player can still lose even when he or she has an advantage over the casino If the player has an advantage, he or she has to have a good bankroll to not go broke during the losing periods. Bigger bankroll equals to a lower edge. The risk of going broke is higher at the lower end. On the other hand, if you have a payroll of $100,000, theoretically you have a 1% chance of going bankrupt.


The advantage of the casino over the player can be measured in a statistical way to the house edge. If you see a that an online Blackjack game has a house edge of 5%, then mathematically speaking, it means that you will lose an average of 5% every time you wager. The mathematical implications of the gambling are quite clear in this aspect. If a player bets 60 bets per hour and if he or she is losing $5 per bet, then in one hour it adds up to $300 per hour. If the house edge is 1%, he or she will lose only $60 per hour which is a big difference.


Name: The House Edge In Blackjack : Facts You Should Know
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 16/01/2019