The Launch of Personal Functional Licence

The Launch of Personal Functional Licence

If you want to get involved in the casino gaming industry, one of the basic requirements for casino employment and training is having a PFL or Personal Functional Licence. So, what is a PFL? It is a license that is required by people who are involved in activities that influences the actions of gambling. Individuals who come in contact with the money that is gathered from gambling operations also require a PFL. How is this different from personal management license or PML? PML is required by only those individuals who have particular management job roles like marketing, finance, strategy and more.

The Launch of Personal Functional Licence

Who needs a Personal Functional Licence?

The PFL is required by every individual who wants to get involved with the casino industry. The Gambling Commission has specifically stated that the license needs to be legally owned by casino business professionals like security staffs, pit bosses, inspectors, gaming supervisors, cashiers, and dealers. If you are going to apply for a PFL application and provide all the necessary information accurately, it will get processed within 8 weeks. You can check out all the list of documents at the official website of the Gambling Commission,

Why is it required?

The PFL is required as an essential requirement for casino employment and training as the individuals who hold the license are expected to make sure that the gambling laws are safeguarded. They have to also ensure that safety, as well as fairness in gambling operations, are adhered to. These individuals are expected to check whether or not the regulations that are imposed by the Gambling Commission are properly followed and they have to maintain technical competency in the employment field. Moreover, they are expected to not mislead customers with false information about their operations. In turn, a person holding the PFL needs to treat customers and handle conflicts of interests fairly.

Everything about the new online PFL application service

The Gambling Commission has officially announced that the online PFL Application service will be upgraded and will be readily available from December 4th, 2018. You can already access the upgraded system from the official website of the Gambling Commission. Just like the UK Government’s GOV.UK, this application portal has been improved and redesigned to allow users to experience optimum functionality. The Commission hopes that in the coming years, the new application will provide users with essential support and will ease up the entire process.

As per the official press release of the Gambling Commission from December 3rd, 2018: “The service gives applicants an efficient, streamlined and improved service. It follows the in line with the GOV.UK design, making it quicker and easier to submit an application. Supporting this new application service will be an improved processing tool to be used by the Commission’s licensing staff that includes the introduction of electronic Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks. These improvements should result in applications being assessed more quickly.”

After the request for a new PFL application is given, the applicant will receive text and email alerts which will inform him about the application progress (from submission until the final stage when the license is issued). He will also be notified if the application gets rejected. The Gambling Commission later issues a message that the new improved application process was an ongoing initiative of its part to offer premium services to the customers by digitising, automating and simplifying the application process. Other tools such as a new personal license management and maintenance tool have been already made available from March 2019.

How to get a PFL?

Individuals who are thinking about getting a PFL license can obtain it through a number of ways such as filling the application form online or getting a physical copy of it. To complete the application form, the individual has to read the personal license application guidance notes entirely and comply with it. They have to provide a license fee, Disclosure, and Barring Service application form, proof of identity documents and of course, photo identification. If the person is facing a problem in getting a PFL, he or she can get the help of a third party service to make the entire process more manageable. Once the individual is ready with all the required documents and materials, he or she can email it to [email protected]. The payment can be done online through debit or credit card. If the applicant has a physical copy of the form, he or she can send it to either of the following places: Licensing Submissions, Gambling Commission, Victoria Square House, and Victoria Square.

Documents that you need to have before completing the application

  • A mobile number and an email address to retrieve the application
  • A credit or debit card for payment purposes
  • If you have lived outside the UK for 5 years, you need to show credit report/letter of good standing from your bank and copies of your police report.
  • A Disclosure Scotland form is necessary if you have worked or lived in Scotland
  • An electronic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be conducted on you through the PFL Apply service if you have lived in England and Wales
  • An ID verification form by the employer, if you are an employee of the casino industry.
  • Verified ID documents
  • Last 5 years residential addresses

Things you need to know

  • Availing a Personal Functional Licence can cost around £185 (and a further fee is payable every five years). You can pay it by cheque, debit or credit card.
  • Individuals who have already acquired the license still need to notify the Gambling Commission about certain events within 5 days or at the earliest. The events include an investigation by regulatory agencies or government agencies, bankruptcy or sequestration, a criminal investigation, the individual’s resignation, changes in name or address, disciplinary sanctions and dismissals.


Name: The Launch of Personal Functional Licence
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 18/06/2019