The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Casino Gaming

Artificial Intelligence is a highly intuitive way of computer programming, where the program learns from the use of data that enables it to make self-decisions. Algorithms are combined with a high level of deep machine learning enabling the devices to make decisions using the inputs.

AI can record and analyse behaviour patterns to make a suggestion based on the users’ activities.

AI in the Gaming industry

The gaming industry is one of the first sectors to embrace new technologies by implementing innovative methodologies. AI can be used to enhance the entertainment element of gameplay by making variations based on the use of previous gameplay experiences. The rise of new technologies in the gaming market has increased the market size by catering to a wider range of customers.

AI-based Casinos

Omnia Casino is regarded as the first casino based on AI to start its operations. The casino focusses on providing user-friendly customer service and a variety of gaming options.

A gaming company product company, Gaming Analytics has come up with an innovative product for casino operators using AI to provide Machine level business intelligence.

Implementations of AI in Casinos

  1. Checking for fraudulent behaviour – One of the best implementation of AI in Casinos is in the form of monitoring agents of gameplay. This includes instant identification of any suspicious behaviour that deviates from the normal ones.
  2. Chatbot – A chatbot is a function which is used on the websites for communication with the players. This feature analyses the queries and responds with solutions based on the previously collected data inputs. This feature can be used to better the customer service offered by online casino operators.
  3. Identification of Gaming addicts – Casinos can identify gaming addiction by analysing player data to detect problematic and irresponsible gaming behaviour.
  4. AI-powered online games – Many of the big casinos are using AI in games such as the slot machines to alleviate the possibility of cheating and unfair gameplay.

Robot dealers

As of today, most of the live casinos use real dealers to handle the game such as Live Blackjack from studios. However, AI can be used to replace these real croupiers with a robot which is pre-programmed to talk to players. There are many gaming modules today which do not use a real dealer.

Smart Data

Casino operators and software developers who collect data and make a detailed analysis to identify the clients’ demand are the ones to benefit more from the growth of AI technology.

AI can also be used to create and provide Live Blackjack players more realistic odds where they will be able to win large sums and outsmart the system.

Improved user interface

Data collected from players can be used to identify the elements of gaming action that makes it more popular such as a physical assortment of games and allows the casino operators to provide gaming experiences tailored for players for games like Live Blackjack.

Noteworthy footprints

There are some highlightable milestones achieved in the gaming industry with the use of AI.

Back in the 1960s, an AI program developed scientist Arthur Samuel from Cybernetic was able to beat one of the best American checker players in that period. The Deep Blue technology developed by IBM was the first application of AI to outsmart the world champion in chess, Garry Kasparov in February of 1996. The question-answering programmed system by IBM’s research team known as Watson won the first place in the quiz show Jeopardy in 2011 by competing against renowned champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. The Carnegie Mellon’s Libratus AI won several thousands of poker hands playing against four top-rated human players.

What the future holds for AI in Casino gaming

The growth of AI is expected the casinos as well by developing technology which will make it more easier to root out cheats and make a level playing field for games. Players can look forward to a personalized, safe and fair gambling experience in playing games such as Live Blackjack, with the advances in AI technology.

The casino gaming industry is expected to continue booming with the implementation of more and more innovative technologies. One forte opened up by the application of digital systems is the improvement of video analytics over the captured data. They are in turn expected to give casino operators a unique advantage in the form of insights that help them to make better decisions.


Name: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Casino Gaming
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 15/03/2019