Top 5 Surprising Facts About Blackjack

The inception of the blackjack game dates back to the 16th century. The word ‘blackjack’ was first found in the short stories of the author Miguel de Cervantes, famous for his work Don Quixote.

Blackjack is a game of luck and chance. Thus, in this game, making an appropriate move decides your winning hand. Well, in order to win the blackjack game, the players need not obtain a value close to the value 21 rather they merely have to beat the dealer to win the hand, which, in turn, is done by having a higher hand than that of the dealer, but equal to or less than 21.

The top five fascinating facts about the blackjack game which you never knew are as under:

  1. Blackjack got its name when the gambling industry began marketing for a game called “Vingt-et-Un” which means “21” in French. The gaming units offered the players with rewarding bonuses and payouts. On receiving a blackjack, spade or club by the players as their winning hands, they would receive a 10-to-1 bonus. That’s when the name Blackjack struck and was later named as a game.
  2. Live blackjack is undoubtedly one of the popular table games where decisions of the players play a key role. It is indeed a highly stimulating game.
  3. The chances of getting a value 21 are 4.8%.
  4. The device used by the casinos to shuffle the cards in blackjack is known as the Shoe. It is called Shoe because the devices used earlier by the casinos looked like a women’s shoe.
  5. The various blackjack games offered by the casinos across the globe have 3 to 2 payout for a natural. However, there are a few casinos which offer 6 to 5 for blackjack as well.

Things to Remember While Choosing a Blackjack Site

While choosing an online casino to explore the blackjack games, the following are the factors to be cross-checked in order to enjoy a peaceful online gaming experience.

The availability of the online casino in your country

It is important to check whether the casino you have chosen to play the live blackjack online game is available in your country as there are a few casino sites which restrict certain countries. The problem is that if you go ahead and access an online casino which has, say, restricted your country, then, it is for sure that you will end up in trouble if things go out of hand. Even in countries like the United Kingdom where online gambling is 100% legal, there are certain online casinos that block players from the UK. So before even think about proceeding with the game, find out whether or not you are eligible to play in the first place.

The variety of games offered

Well, the quantity of games offered by the online casinos is not everything and this does not decide the stand and reputation of the casinos. It is of utmost importance that you look into the gaming providers before you sign up the game. The better the gaming provider, the better the gaming experience.

Casino Bonuses and promotions offered

Ensure that the online casino you have chosen to play the blackjack game offers enticing casino bonuses and other promotions on a periodical basis which makes the gaming more exciting and fun.

Safe banking options

A well-established online casino site offers the players with safe, secure and prompt transfer of funds. Make sure that the online casino you have selected provides a wide number of deposit and withdrawal options including E-wallets, debit and credit cards and bank transfers.

Customer support

An online casino of repute provides the players with a professional customer support system where the representatives are readily available to assist the players and offer instant solutions to all their queries and doubts.


Name: Top 5 Surprising Facts About Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 25/02/2019