Ultimate guide to Scouting Blackjack Table

Scouting a Blackjack table is important as the live casinos nowadays have different shuffling procedures, number of decks and rules from one table to the next. This is the reason why it is essential for the player to scout the Blackjack table to check which game will be best for him to play. Also, it will allow the player to understand the house edge against him based on the rules.

When a player enters a Live Blackjack casino, he needs to determine the maximum and minimum betting limits of the tables. The player needs to check out which game is offering the best bonus offers. Also, he should check the number of decks that are being dealt off at the tables and particularly the playing rules. The player should also check out how many players are playing at the tables and the pattern of the card shuffling.

Some of the tips to play Live Blackjack include checking out how many decks are being played at the Blackjack table as the house edge generally increases with the increasing number of card decks. You should check out if the game that you are about to enter is dealing with a single deck, double deck or multi deck. If the game is single or double decked, the placard usually states that, but does not normally show if it is multi decked. If you have some experience, you will be able to understand the number of decks by looking at the stack of cards that the dealer is dealing from the shoe or if you are not sure, just ask the dealer.

A good card counter will always look out for a Live Blackjack table which has as many hands as possible. he will always choose empty tables which have a fast heads up game than crowded tables. The player should check out which game is easier to penetrate than the rest. Games which involve single decks with D10 and H17 involve poor penetration and hence, the player should avoid it. If the game is double decked, the player should look out for DAS and H17 which has a fair penetration level of around 70%. Some experts will argue that this is still not enough. If the game is four decked and involves at least DAS and S17, a penetration of 75% is decent enough.

Checking the maximum and minimum bets is essential as you need to make sure that you are betting the table minimum at least. If the player is not familiar with the Live Blackjack table, he should go to available pit areas and check which dealer is offering the best penetration. he should ask the pit boss if the counter is not familiar with the rules or not.

Other scouting techniques involve checking the number of players at the table. It is better to play at a full table rather than one with fewer players. This is because the player will get fewer hands to deal with, which will decrease the bankroll exposure to the house edge.


Name: Ultimate guide to Scouting Blackjack Table
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 25/01/2019