What is a Blackjack Tournament?

Blackjack tournament requires a unique strategy to win, unlike the other online casino games. Well, if you ponder deeply as to why it is so? Allow us to explain. It is quite simple that the game of Blackjack requires a specific structure as it should impel you to compete with the other fellow players to get most of the chips.

Although blackjack tournaments are similar to the game of blackjack in an online casino and live blackjack online, there are a few differences between the traditional version of the game and the tournament. Usually, tournaments take place either in a single table tournament or a multi-table tournament. The difference here is that in single table Blackjack tournaments, the game is played using a single table and in a multi-table tournament, several tables are used.

Another salient feature of blackjack tournaments is that every blackjack has its own set of rules and the number of game rounds. However, the most common tournaments consist of 2 or 3.

Some of the striking aspects of blackjack tournaments are as under:

  • Blackjack tournament involves competing with the players and the dealer.
  • Every player begins the game with the same bankroll.
  • It is a casino which decides the number of rounds in a blackjack tournament.
  • A single round comprises of a certain number of rounds in a blackjack tournament.
  • Blackjack comes in different forms and types. The most popular is the Elimination Blackjack Tournament.
  • The rewards in a blackjack tournament are given according to the payout structure fixed by the casino.

Types of Blackjack Tournaments

As mentioned above, blackjack tournaments differ in form and type. Some of the popular blackjack tournaments include:

  • Traditional Elimination Tournaments
  • Non-Elimination/ Accumulation Tournaments
  • Tournaments with Elimination
  • Live-Money Tournaments
  • Mini-Tournaments
  • Major Tournaments
  • Sit ‘N’ Go Tournaments

Casino Blackjack VS Blackjack Tournament

Casino Blackjack

The players compete against the dealer.

The aim of the game is to win money.

There is no said limit as to how much a player can lose in the game.

Applying the basic strategy to win the game is a wise option.

Blackjack Tournament

Each player plays against other fellow players and the dealer.

The aim of the game is to attain the maximum number of chips from both the fellow players and the dealer.

Losses are limited to the amount of the fee the player’s played to enter the tournament.

Basic Blackjack strategy is important to know, but it is also important for the players to know when to diverge from it.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

Sign up with a casino which offers blackjack tournament online

Exchange your cash for chips. Typically, you must remember that how much you have as a bankroll does not matter as in a Blackjack Tournament everybody begins the game by playing with the same amount of chips.

Match your competitor’s initial bet

The first round starts when the first hand is given out by the dealer. You will need to either place an initial bet that falls in line with the minimum or maximum bets of the table or one will be placed for you.

Choose your move wisely

Similar to any Blackjack online game, you will need to choose your move wisely in a blackjack tournament.

Check the outcome whether you have won or lost the hand

If you win, you will be given a number of chips, according to the paytable and if you have lost, you will just lose the bet you had made.

Find out if you are in for the nest game round

After the first game round, the winners will advance to the next round while the other players will be completely eliminated from the tournament. Also, note that the players who have either lost all their chips or who don’t have enough chips to make the minimum bet on a hand will also be eliminated.

Determining the winner of the tournament

Once all the game rounds are over, a winner is announced and he/she is awarded the prize money.


Name: What is a Blackjack Tournament?
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 14/02/2019