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What is Floating Advantage in Blackjack?  

Regular as well as online Blackjack is popular all over the world. In the last few decades, Blackjack experts have debated about the interesting phenomenon of floating advantage in card counting. It is a known fact that higher true count provides more advantage to the player. But, as it turns out, the true count advantage starts to increase when you go deep into the shoe.

What-is-Floating-Advantage-in-Blackjack (1)

Explaining the basics of floating advantage

If you aren’t aware of the floating advantage of regular/online Blackjack, then you will be glad to know that the concept is pretty easy to grasp and doesn’t require any complicated mathematical formulas. The concept has been termed from the advantage of the live Blackjack game that keeps on floating or shifting one way or the other. By the floating way, we mean that it moves from the house advantage to the player advantage, reverses itself sometimes, counter reverses itself and more. The cards that are left in the deck or removed from the deck can have a lot of impact on the outcome of the regular/online Blackjack game. This is the reason why professional players refer to Blackjack as a game of strategy and skill and seldom refer to it as a game of luck. A game of luck can be referred to the game of Roulette where the previous bets do not influence the subsequent bets and everything is based on chance. So, if you are aware of the Blackjack card counting, you will be good enough to understand the concept of floating advantage and how to use it for your own advantage.

Is it easy to learn?

Although the Blackjack strategy of card counting is practised all over the world, it is not that simple as it sounds. In fact, this technique is very popular in Live Blackjack online as well. Not only does it take a lot of focus to master the technique, but also mathematical knowledge so that the player can keep track of all the true counts that keep disappearing and appearing. A professional card counter will always keep track of the high and low cards in a Blackjack game. It does not matter whether it is online Blackjack, Live Blackjack or regular Blackjack, the basic rule stays the same for all variants of the game. Then, he splits the number of remaining decks to get a rough analysis of how much value the next hand will be. You can imagine the complexity of determining the wild estimates. Although the method is not perfect, it will allow the player to make a big difference in securing a huge win or a huge loss in the game.

How to learn floating advantage as a beginner?

To completely understand a game of regular or online Blackjack, the basic principles of floating advantage, as well as card counting, needs to be properly understood. This understanding can be learned by watching a plethora of games in online Blackjack casinos or watching the game in regular casinos. But if you really want to master the technique, the best advice would be to read it up in a book and memorise the principles. Try reading ‘Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One’ by Edward O. Thorp. It is one of the best books to learn card counting and has influenced professional and amateur card players for generations. Another similar book is Blackjack Attack written by the popular and seminal Don Schlessinger.


Do remember one thing though – the method of card counting is actually easier in European Blackjack than its American counterpart. The reason is simple. Due to the use of 8 decks (maximum), the counting gets a lot complicated in American Blackjack than European Blackjack where only a couple of decks are used.


Name: What is Floating Advantage in Blackjack?  
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 01/07/2019