Top 5 Misconceptions about Counting Cards in Live Blackjack

Card counting is a card game strategy used primarily in the game of Live Blackjack online to determine whether the next hand is likely to give a probable advantage to the player or to the dealer.

However, over the years, there have been number misconceptions about card counting in the minds of the players and so, this article aims at acquainting you with five major misconceptions about card counting that you should know.

  1. Card counting does not always work

Well, there are three groups of people who believe that card counting is ineffective. The first group comprises of players who don’t know much about gaming, the second group comprises of players who have tried and failed and third group comprises of players who have used it successfully but assume that it cannot be used anymore. But remember that all these are imprecise.

There are games which are not as easy to beat as they were a few years ago, but there is a great upsurge of casinos over recent years and smart card counters are figuring out new ways to beat the games every single year.

  1. Card counting is illegal

Keep in mind that card counting is not cheating, it is simply using your brain. The card counters in the casinos play the game exactly the way the casino offers it. They may beat you sometimes, but there are chances that you will win more often. Live Blackjack is one of the casino games that can be consistently beaten exactly how the casinos offer it.

Besides these, the players can make real money at card counting and also learn to count the cards efficiently.

  1. Photographic memory is required to count the cards

An effective card counting involves knowing the rules and strategies of the game well. In addition to these, you also require good practice as the running count for a few seconds, until it changes again.

In simple words, all you need to have is a great focus, good practice and the ability memorise well.

  1. A card counter can turn $100 into $1,000,000 in a few hours

Well, this is not true. Your chips don’t simply double every hour. It involves large wins and losses, winning and losing streaks, and lots of ups and downs.

  1. You need to be suited like James Bond in order to play professionally

This is not really true. The high rollers seem more inclined to wear sweatsuits or Ed Hardy shirts than Versace. There are a few people wearing suits, but you could pick out any outfit which comforts you as you could simply sit at home and play the various table games live, via PC, smartphone, iPhone and iPad instantly.

Well, now having known the misconceptions of card counting, we are sure that you will be able to play the casino games offered by various casinos pretty well, with complete focus and good practice. Happy gaming!


Name: Top 5 Misconceptions about Counting Cards in Live Blackjack
Author: Helen Stratford
Published Date: 01/03/2019